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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: "Transcending Karma" Technique and Commentary About It

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  • sean tremblay
    Yes indeed Bob i did mean the rich man won t part with 50$ but the poor man will share his last can of tuna, and When I say Knowlege I just mean I know those
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 20, 2009
      Yes indeed Bob i did mean the rich man won't part with 50$ but the poor man will share his last can of tuna, and When I say "Knowlege" I just mean I know those things to be true, everything else is questionable, I cannot profess to anyone.  Thank you for the kind words and tolerating all the wierd typo's.  I gotta go our camp dog woody is barking(probably just a cat)
      Take care

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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Re: "Transcending Karma" Technique and Commentary About It
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      Date: Monday, April 20, 2009, 1:17 PM

      sean tremblay <bethjams9@. ..> wrote:
      > Great story, good message
      > I don't often speak in a poaition of "Knowlege" or in absolutes, but there are two things I know to be true things ive witnessed time and again in all places
      > First, People are the most cruel to those in need of comassion the most
      > second, a poor man is more likely to share his last can of tunafish with you, than a poor man is to part with 50 bucks
      > So what do I still carry a bubling rage come up from deep inside of me wherever and when ever I see injustice
      > SSG Tremblay, Sean k
      > Team Viper
      > Zabul province
      > Afghanistan
      Yo Sean,
      Well, I guess you have me fooled. I think you always present
      in the present with the present of your Knowledge. I see
      you as a warrior who doesn't hesitate to stand up for
      what is righteous and similarly are ready to take down
      unrighteousness. And that is just how "IT" is. Jesus didn't
      sit back and let the money changers dirty the synagoge, and
      Krishna encouraged Arjuna to fight and not tolerate his
      family being unethical. And sometimes it takes a "rage" to
      get us moving. But with that label, we may feel guilty that
      we aren't being turn-the-other cheek enough, or some similar
      spiritual sin. That's why simply seeing the energy arise that
      motivates you without commenting or judging it as good, bad,
      worthy or inappropriate, or etc. is the only position that
      we can be in to "flow with life in the moment"
      (or some similar spiritual cliche). And if you don't always
      act in a pure unselfish righteous way, see it and forgive
      your Self and learn from it and don't repeat it. And if
      you continue to just witness without engaging, there will
      be less and less enraging. And you will live more and more
      happily ever after.
      Peace and blessings,
      PS: Did you actually mean to say it is rare for a rich man
      to part with $$$ than to find a poor man who is generous.
      > --- On Sun, 4/19/09, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroup s.com> wrote:
      > From: medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroup s.com>
      > Subject: [Meditation Society of America] "Transcending Karma" Technique and Commentary About It
      > To: meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com
      > Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009, 10:13 PM
      > Probably due to the very high ranking of our web site
      > Meditation Station http://www.meditati onsociety. com
      > on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines in the
      > category of Meditation Techniques and Meditation, we
      > get many emails daily that often comment about the
      > techniques and concepts that we offer. Here's one we
      > received today concerned with the Transcending Karma
      > technique that I have copied below. The email will be
      > found beneath the text of the technique. I found it
      > pretty interesting although presented language-usage- wise
      > in an unusual manner.
      > I hope you will enjoy and benefit from the technique and
      > the email.
      > ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
      > Transcending Karma
      > Once upon a time, long, long ago, there were
      > 2 holy men traveling together through the
      > countryside. They came upon a beautiful young
      > woman sitting and sobbing by the side of a
      > stream. She said she was afraid of drowning
      > and asked them if they would help her cross
      > to the other side of the water. Without saying
      > a word, one of the monks picked up the girl
      > and carried her to the other side of the stream
      > where he gently put her down. She thanked him
      > and went on her way. The two men then continued
      > their journey. After a while, the monk said to
      > the one who had carried the young woman, "How
      > could you do such a thing? We have taken vows
      > of chastity. It is forbidden to even talk to a
      > woman let alone touch one." The other monk
      > lovingly replied, "When I came to the other side
      > of the stream, I put her down. Why are you still
      > carrying her?"
      > What have you been carrying around that you
      > should have put down and left behind? Do you
      > still harbor feelings of regret, anger, hate,
      > disappointment, or any other negative adjectives
      > or adverbs that apply, for events, people, or
      > things that are not here, now? Why do you do
      > this masochistic activity?
      > Life can be equated with a boat ride taking you
      > from one shore to another. As the boat goes across
      > the water, it leaves a wake in its path. This wake
      > represents your past. And just like the wake a boat
      > leaves behind doesn't propel the boat forward at
      > all, your past doesn't drive you towards the other
      > shore. What's done is done if you will be done
      > with it. If you don't face the front of the boat
      > and place your attention in the present moment,
      > you will not be able to avoid running into the
      > icebergs and other potential hazards that could
      > jeopardize your trip through life. Your karma is
      > fulfilled and up to date at all times. Your
      > clinging to the past and fantasizing about the
      > future is what keeps you paying a karmic debt.
      > Simply attend to this moment and witness the
      > path your boat is traveling. This is action free
      > of reaction and further karma.
      > Relax. Melt into your most comfortable meditative
      > posture. Focus on your breath and feel and
      > witness its entry, retention, and leaving. Let
      > your body establish a comfortable rhythm. Visualize
      > your great grandparents in your mind's eye. See
      > them be born, have events take place in their
      > lives and eventually give birth to your grandparents.
      > Visualize your grandparents be born, see them have
      > events take place in their lives and eventually
      > give birth to your parents. Visualize your parents
      > being born and see them go through the events in
      > their lives that eventually included giving birth to you.
      > As clearly as possible, without reacting
      > physically, emotionally, or mentally, allow
      > the movie of the events of your life to unfold
      > on the inner screen of your mind's eye. Witness
      > the events as unattached as the monk was who
      > carried the woman over the stream. And just
      > like him, leave your attachments to all the events
      > that have resulted in your being here, now. Know
      > that you are now in the boat ride of your life
      > and that to look back is to reattach to your
      > ancestors and your own karma and all the suffering
      > that clings to it. Look ahead free of karma,
      > enjoy the ride, and live happily ever after.
      > ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -----
      > email from J....I.....
      > In the Time, this inquiry, reveals not exactly
      > what I hoped to find. Transcending karma was
      > to my long time belief to be associated with
      > the environment of exposure. For example if
      > one were submersed in wickedness transcending
      > karma would be the love the light that shines
      > from your deepest inner self. Absorbing the
      > exposure of hate and projecting love. Flipping
      > the chips on down the line. Shining light in
      > dark places. Having a positive effect in the
      > confrontation of negativity. Staring at anger
      > with loving eyes. Ultimately to take in what
      > was bad but projecting what was good.
      > To transcend karma one would not have been
      > effected by atrocious exposure, but atrocity was
      > exposed in effect to the divine light.

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