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Consciousness 101

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    Thanks to Gene Poole for allowing this repost from the GuruRating group. Enjoy! ... Consciousness 101 First, an introduction to elementary practical physics .
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2009
      Thanks to Gene Poole for allowing this repost
      from the GuruRating group. Enjoy!
      Consciousness 101

      First, an introduction to 'elementary practical
      physics'. This involves 'energetic field' effects
      and how such a field, once existing, can be
      detected and 'used' in a utilitarian way.

      Strong electromagnetic and electrostatic fields
      are able to wirelessly 'power' a very simple sort
      of light-bulb, one which does not 'connect' physically
      to anything, but lights up readily in such a field:

      NE-2 neon bulb:





      A glass capsule, about the size of a pencil-eraser,
      which is filled with neon gas, and has two tiny wires
      inside, glows when energized by an electrical field
      of sufficient strength.

      Pervasive Terrestrial electromagnetic (EM) field 'cause',
      60-Hz power transmission lines, electrical field 'pollution:


      As a boy, I would hike for miles along the 'right of way'
      of such transmission lines, which cut through the
      mountainous wilderness. For fun, I would carry an NE-2
      bulb, which would be continually alight! Today I
      would not expose myself in that way.

      The 'radio' needs much less 'energy' to excite it,
      allowing such as cell-phones, etc, but is essentially
      the same as the NE-2 bulb; wireless 'connectivity'
      to an electric field.

      Is the 'brain' like a cell-phone, but one which
      'connects' to a field of unknown properties?
      This is what we will explore here. I hope to
      hint at this for you: Imagine if you will, that the
      moment that the 'cell tower' is energized, that
      'everyone' has in hand, like magic and apparently
      from 'nowhere', a nifty cell-phone! 'Pop' and there
      it is, fully functional! Wow! A miracle, eh?

      Pretty cool, right? A useful 'something' from
      apparent 'nothing'!

      - - -

      (Aside: The dream of Tesla!)



      Youtube Tesla:


      Tesla was inspired by Vivekananda:


      - - -

      Behind the assumptions which underlie modern
      'brain research' is the typical 'duality' of 'brain/mind'.

      That is to say; humans have 'forever' assumed by
      the map of duality, and brain research blindly follows
      this map as well. Central to 'scientific thinking' is the
      assumption of the 'reality' of the particle (any particle)
      and the quest to find the smallest particle, even leading
      to the 'Higgs Boson', a property which is assumed to
      be the foundation of ALL particles. But what if there
      are literally NO particles, only the appearance of such?

      Is MATTER (including the brain itself) a manifestation
      of ENERGY?

      Imagine an 'infinite' source of energy, which continually
      'transmits' itself, and which power, may be commandeered
      by locally induced triggers which COLLAPSE QUANTUM



      'Thingness' of brain, outmoded thinking, Standing Waves:


      Yes. 'Reality creation', but NOT from 'nothing'. Such
      'tunable nodes' as are 'brains' are 'made first' and then
      work to 'create' reality by modifying an EXISTING FIELD;
      but, we need to imagine a 'multitude of dimensions' which
      invisibly and harmlessly interpenetrate each-other.

      What we know as 'history', events over time, is merely
      the record of the 'bootup sequence' which represents
      not disparate coincidences, or 'random' phenomena,
      but purposeful 'system bootstrapping', which results in
      the 'reality' which we know; the 'big bang'!

      The so-called 'big bang' was not a one-time event,
      but instead, is continuously ongoing. Its 'signature'
      may be HEARD as the 'Cosmic OM' sound, with all
      attendant harmonics. This is the 'energy' which pervades
      the 'universe', but please keep in mind, that this energy
      'created' the universe in which it now abounds.

      It is 'not our fault' that we must 'see' reality as a stack
      of timed steps, which we call 'history'. Our species-view
      of this, allows 'navigation' within the 'manifest' universe;
      as in: "Time is God's [SIC] way of assuring that everything
      does not happen at once". Trouble is... it IS happening
      all at once. Our human 'talent' is properly understood as
      'quantum tunneling effect', and is as 'native' as how bees
      build their nests.

      Summary Intermediate:

      Existing nodes (brains), mounted (created/manifested),
      detect and shape the very energy which manifests them,
      but this is dependent upon an ENERGY which is pervasive
      and FREE, which emanates from the 'Always-Bang'.

      This energy makes possible, 'standing waves' which we
      take as 'persisting physical objects', things which hang
      around for a while, including 'brains'. From this 'evidence'
      we deduce 'history' and time, itself.

      Safeguards are in place which prevent 'discorporation'
      of the brain, by any 'thoughts' which it processes.

      The implication is for existence of multiple 'dimensions',
      which we may name similar to (Internet) network 'layers',
      each of which is necessary for the 'whole' as it is:

      The 'top layer' is the 'information layer' and the 'bottom
      layer' is the 'physical layer'. (There are several
      intermediate layers as well.)

      The error committed by 'modern (dualistic) thinkers'
      is that the 'bottom (physical) layer 'creates' the top
      (information) layer, when in fact, the reverse is true!

      Thus; 'multiple dimensions' allow both manifestation
      and 'control' BY the manifest OF the manifest, but only
      within the range (say, of human species life-forms) which
      performs in the self-sustaining (standing wave) and for
      purposes which are 'self-determined', in which 'self' is
      the 'purpose of it all', the coherence of information,
      and the ability to be 'sentient', or 'self-aware'.

      Thus it is only a small jump to see:

      - 'consciousness' is our familiar connection to
      the 'top layer', the informational layer, which in
      a manner of speaking, is responsible for the
      coherent and ongoing 'universe', and the form
      and function of everything 'in it' (including us);

      - 'consciousness' is the 'beginning and end'
      of a process which sustains itself via a source
      of energy (always-bang) exactly as does a plant
      sustain itself via sunlight/photosynthesis;

      - 'consciousness' as above, is a 'cycle' which
      deliberately 'made' all of this, exactly as a bee
      forms those nice waxy hexagons of its nest;

      - thus, we may consider 'consciousness' as
      'creatura', but one of information, which by means
      of selective 'collapse of quantum waves', makes
      its own 'home', this universe;

      - and all 'because' there is a source of energy,
      which like sunlight, enables (what seems to be)
      a very complex, multi-dimensional 'command and
      control' system, resulting in 'this awareness'.

      As 'this awareness', I am able (as I live and learn)
      to visit the realms of information, which were hinted
      by Vivekananda (see above link) and which were
      vouchsafed to Tesla, for better or worse.

      As 'magic cellphone', are two dimensions (as example);
      there is the 'energy' which 'creates me' and then there
      is the information which I can receive or transmit.

      Can you hear me now?

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