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RE: [Meditation Society of America] Good news from Afghanistan

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  • Aideen Mckenna
    Thank you, Bob, for the update re Sean s gift-giving & for passing on the wonderful story. It s not the first time I thought that somebody ought to make a
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2009

      Thank you, Bob, for the update re Sean’s gift-giving & for passing on the wonderful story.  It’s not the first time I thought that somebody ought to make a movie about Sean.  Starring Sean, preferably.



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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Good news from Afghanistan


      Some of you may remember the post about
      Sean Tremblay giving kids in Afghanistan
      toys, books, clothes, etc, And many came
      through and sent him items to distribute.
      Here's a recent communication from him:

      "Hey Bob, thanks again for everything. Stuff
      is coming into our AO pretty regularly and
      Time permitting I'll have a chance to thank everybody"

      And here is an amazing one I received last
      week. I thought it would be well appreciated here. Enjoy!

      "Subject: Peace through Kushti

      Two days ago we held a Shura with all the
      village elders of our province at the governments
      district center. Asian rugs were spread out
      across the ground to seat 400 Pashtun tribesmen
      from mostly the dominant Polpuzi tribe. The
      governor spoke followed by several Mulla's.
      I walked around the carpet looking for an opening
      with the villagers, but all I saw was angry men
      in black turbans and black eyeliner with hard
      mean faces these are pashtun warriors un afraid
      of death and bound by a strict mixture of Pashtunwali
      and Islam and many of these men were or are Talib!
      Complaints were made(most of them false rumor) of
      the coalition forces insulting the women and
      killing the men. Outragous accusations were flung,
      My commander asked me "How do we get through to
      these people" I found a shop keeper I recognized
      and stuck up a conversation, soon I was challenged
      to arm wrestle, I won the first match, I was
      challenged again, and again I won. Then an old man
      challenged me to a real wrestling match and by
      this time we had drawn a huge crowd, all 400
      circled around me. I took off my pistol and looked
      at the old man, "have it your way pops" I said.
      He laughed and said no, not me HIM! a young man
      6" taller approched me, and we entered a circle
      formed on the carpet. A sash was tied around my
      waist, and we began Kushti
      The sport is a leverage based wrestling where the
      throws are done without letting go of the belt of
      your opponent, the first to strike the ground
      loses. And I can tell you by technique, a 140 pound
      boy can feel like a ton to move! We fought two
      matches and the crowd went wild, Soon after I
      encouraged two other Americans to join in and
      after the fighting and the back slapping and
      laughter had died down we all sat to eat, I was
      then invited to sit with the old man and his
      students, he then offered to teach me, on the
      condition that I dress Afghan and learn to recite
      the Muslim creed and the 5 pillars of Islam! No
      problem, he asked If I had wrestled before and
      I had told him yes American folk and greco roman.
      But I said it was nothing like Kushti! He asked
      why I wanted to learn Kushti, I replied that if
      I left my family and came all the way to
      Afghanistan and I didn't learn something I
      have wasted my time!
      He liked my answer
      I was looking for a way in and I found it
      oh and by the way the kid beat me both times!!!
      but I had a victory!
      Peace through Kushti
      ------------ --------

      BTW, here's the info we originaly posted
      from Sean about where you can send things to help
      the kids over there:

      "I'm in Zabul Province Afghanistan , And since we
      are on the topic of compassion I'm collecting things
      for Afghan kids, coloring books
      crayons, small stuffed animals, warm clothing
      ect and small candies,
      they like chocolate. They can be sent to:
      SSG Tremblay, Sean
      RSIC South
      Team Viper
      APO , AE 09355_______ _______

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