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  • Jeff Belyea
    Ever notice that virtually all How to... articles about goal achievement tell us to stop doing what we are doing in the first place that keeps us from
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2009
      Ever notice that virtually
      all "How to..." articles
      about goal achievement tell
      us to stop doing what we
      are doing in the first place
      that keeps us from achieving
      a particular goal or goals?

      If you're overweight and
      want to lose weight you might
      be drawn to an article entitled
      something like, "5 Sure Ways
      to Be Bikini Trim by Summer."

      The article goes on to tell
      us (well, you...I have no
      intention of wearing a bikini)
      to cut back on calories, eat
      healthier food, exercise, get
      7-8 hours of sleep, and....
      only eat at the table - not
      in front of the TV watching
      Biggest Loser while wolfing
      down a Pepsi and a bag of
      oreos (Apologize here if I
      made you crave these forbidden

      Well, we know THAT! If we
      have a problem with our weight
      it's most probably because we
      don't do them, even though we
      know we 'should'. So what do
      we do? Einstein,who was considered
      a pretty smart guy, said something
      like...we can't use the same
      mind that created the problem
      to solve the problem.

      Aha! We need to 'change' our mind.
      Meditation can do that. By quieting
      our internal chatter, there is a
      layer of...let's call it confusion
      or lack of clarity...that peels
      away apathy, gives us new energy,
      lifts the mental fog and let's
      us see the problem in a new light.

      Now, the issues before us are
      dealt with from a new perspective.
      It's as if there true meaning
      hits us for the first time.
      I REALLY do need to...exercise,
      for instance, comes in like a

      Meditation enhances our ability
      to stop trying to figure everything
      out in the mind, and allows us
      to tap into out intuitive powers
      and live spontaneously...and with
      more clarity about what we REALLY
      want in life.

      So, the critical first step that
      is so often ignored or not considered
      is to quiet the mind in order to
      see the issue or goal in a whole
      new light.

      Meditation can bring us to a
      startling and sudden new perspective
      that sees our entire life (and
      life in general) in a whole new light.

      Om, Peace and Love,

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