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RE: [Meditation Society of America] Popcorn Philosophy - Meditation induced.

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  • suman sk
    Absloutely right  ! When all questions are answered and nothing left to explore (to know about this mystery called GOD), when you are grounded in this moment
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2009
      Absloutely right  ! When all questions are answered and nothing left to explore (to know about this mystery called GOD), when you are grounded in this moment fully contented , when you know there is nothing that is to be achieved to make yourself whole and fulfilled,when only thing you do is to remember your eternal father ..(or whatever relation you have developed ) in the midst of activity called life and wish for this love for him to be experienced by all in their hearts.....
      you actually awake from this illusion and become concious...
      Surendra Suman

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      Wonderful!  Thank you.  Whenever I feel like one of those dead forget-about- it kernels at the bottom, I’ll re-read this.



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      Popcorn Philosophy

      The mystical experience
      came to me like popcorn.

      It was not an extrovertive
      experience of the wonders
      of nature (although there
      was an element of that
      jnana yoga insight).

      It was not an introvertive
      experience of 'nothingness'
      (although there was an
      element of that Buddhist
      awakening in it).

      The unifying experience of
      Oneness and the Emptiness
      that is not Nothing were
      'short documentaries' in
      a 'show' that featured the
      main attraction in theistic
      mysticism; that is, an
      encounter with and merging
      into God.

      One moment I was filled with
      existential angst (guilt,
      remorse, feeling lost and
      wanting to die) and then
      after a brief moment of
      silence, surrendering to
      what seemed like a real
      possibility of impending
      death, POP!

      Suddenly I was filled with
      a startling sense that there
      really is a power greater
      than I am as an individual,
      commonly referred to as God.

      The next moment I was in
      the presence of a glowing
      'light being' (given my
      Christian upbringing, I
      saw this glow as Jesus).

      The light being motioned
      ever so slightly for me
      to turn to the right, and
      in the same split moment
      that I did, I was 'absorbed'
      into a huge blue white light…

      And in the very presence
      and residence of God, being
      flooded with an unconditional
      love that took all of the
      guilt and remorse away and
      reset my 'clock', my life
      odometer to 000000.

      And then I disappeared into
      a star-filled 'universe' in
      which everything made perfect
      sense and I saw a cosmic order
      and harmony (these were the
      short doc's I mentioned earlier).

      Once again, the central
      experience was the POP! into
      an entirely new 'reality' -
      more real than the physical
      world. This reality, our source
      and the essence of our pure
      being is not confined within
      space or time. It is eternity.

      Once we POP! into this realm,
      all fear is gone, all questions
      are answered. The seeking is
      over. Just like that.

      Now it is not a matter of
      'Spiritual Growth" which to a
      mystic is an oxymoron. There
      is no expansion or unfolding
      or seeking to further attune
      to this reality. The race is
      over. We have found our true

      And all of the 'masters' who
      have experienced this magical
      mystery tour turn around to
      attempt to teach this very
      real potential of transcendence
      that we are convinced is the
      destiny of humankind.

      Only there are no words that
      are precise and accurate. So
      we use analogy and metaphor -
      sometimes silly ones, like:

      Popcorn Philosophy - a confined
      life set free to exist in a
      puffy cloud of bliss.

      It certainly makes the movie
      of life a whole lot more
      enjoyable. If you are interested
      in learning more, just step
      into the lobby of the Mystic
      Heart School and stay tuned.

      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/mystichear tmeditation/

      If you've already popped, I'd
      love to hear your story.



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