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Why Praise A Pity Party

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Spiritual/Consciousness evolution can be compared to the progress of a bird being born, It s first in a shell and that s all it knows about. It thinks it s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2008
      Spiritual/Consciousness evolution can be compared to
      the progress of a bird being born, It's first in a shell and
      that's all it knows about. It thinks it's alone in the universe
      and that it's a dark place and very little else. By instinct it
      starts to peck at the shell and eventually starts to make a
      few cracks. This lets in a few streams of light and makes
      some sounds clearer. But it's still unaware of 99.99% of
      the reality of its environment. Would it make sense for it
      to be praised if it's pecking wasn't focused enough to
      actually make the shell break and was simply making a few
      more cracks that still kept its knowledge 99.98% limited
      and inaccurate? Of course other birds still in their own shells
      may tend to want to encourage the bird to continue on its
      "progress". But the reality is that "they know not
      what they do".

      With people still in their shell, we find that
      they are just reacting slave-like to their Inner
      Chatterer and the deception that they think
      they are making progress in attaining their freedom
      is due to "this" and what had held them back was due
      to "that". And if someone who is already out of their
      shell comes along and points out that they may be able
      to break out of their shell quicker and easier if
      they focus their pecking on one spot by using some
      method/technique/etc and that they will then find
      a new perspective on what is real and also be able to
      fly and sing, their Inner Chatterer will speak even
      louder and they will continue to go (as St. Artie says)
      "Wahhhhhhhhhh", "s/he's picking on me", "I am so making
      progress", etc, and then rail against it and re-convince
      them that they are now going in the right direction,
      and that s/he was evil for even suggesting otherwise,
      and other similar Inner Chatterer rants. And then others
      who are still shell bound may reinforce the situation
      as they feel a kinship and are also slave to the chatter
      within, and they will voice the same non-sense and
      praise the person and add on to the rhetoric about
      how bad s/he was to suggest a way to help when they
      are actually evil/misguided/etc. And then what a fine
      Pity Party we have!

      We will usually find that the person who has already
      gotten out of their shell and has silenced their own
      Inner Chatterer, and made it the slave and is its master,
      is flying way above that Mad-Hatter party and is simply
      enjoying the freedom of the infinite and is singing
      beautiful songs. And with compassion for those still
      shell-bound they may still continue to pass on the knowledge
      of what helped them get out of their own shell regardless
      of the consequences, even if it means having attempts
      made to ruffle their own feathers.

      So, when you see someone going on and on about their
      new insights and understandings, etc, perhaps this should
      trigger one's spidey-sense and recognize that a look
      within at what your own Inner Chatterer is saying is
      in order before agreeing that it's a good idea for
      the doormouse to climb into the teapot. And like Alice,
      leave that party and find that it was all just a dream
      and wake up. And live happily ever after.
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