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The Three Characteristics Of Existence

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  • medit8ionsociety
    As shared by the Buddha... THE THREE CHARACTERISTICS OF EXISTENCE All formations are transient ; all formations are subject to suffering ; all things are
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2008
      As shared by the Buddha...


      All formations are "transient"; all formations
      are "subject to suffering"; all things are "without
      an Ego-entity." Corporeality is transient, feeling
      is transient, perception is transient, mental
      formations are transient, consciousness is transient.
      And that which is transient, is subject to suffering;
      and of that which is transient, and subject to
      suffering and change, one cannot rightly say: "This
      belongs to me; this am I; this is my Ego."
      Therefore, whatever there be of corporeality, of feeling,
      perception, mental formations, or consciousness,
      whether one's own or external, whether gross or subtle,
      lofty or low, far or near, one
      should understand, according to reality, and
      true wisdom: "This does not belong to me; this
      am I not; this is not my Ego."
      Suppose, a man who is not blind, were to behold
      the many bubbles on the Ganges as they are driving
      along; and he should watch them, and
      carefully examine them. After carefully examining
      them, they will appear to him empty, unreal, and
      unsubstantial. In exactly the same
      way, does the monk behold all the corporeal phenomena,
      feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and
      states of consciousness-whether
      they be of the past, or the present, or the future,
      far, or near. And he watches them, and examines
      them carefully; and, after carefully
      examining them, they appear to him empty, void, and
      without an Ego
      Whoso delights in corporeality, or feeling, or
      perception, or mental formations, or consciousness,
      he delights in suffering; and whoso
      delights in suffering, will not be freed from
      suffering. Thus I say

      How can you find delight and mirth,
      Where there is burning without end?
      In deepest darkness you are wrapped!
      Why do you not seek for the light?

      Look at this puppet here, well rigged,
      A heap of many sores, piled up,
      Diseased, and full of greediness,
      Unstable, and impermanent!

      Devoured by old age is this frame,
      A prey of sickness, weak and frail;
      To pieces breaks this putrid body,
      All life must truly end in death.
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