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Take a Stand, SIT for Change | Sept. 21 | Berkeley, CA

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  • lunacitagirl
    Take a Stand, SIT For Change Center for Urban Peace s 1st Annual Sit-A-Thon Sunday | September 21st | Noon to 5pm Join us for an inspiring day of: Group
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      "Take a Stand, SIT For Change"
      Center for Urban Peace's 1st Annual Sit-A-Thon
      Sunday | September 21st | Noon to 5pm

      Join us for an inspiring day of:
      Group Sitting & Walking Meditation
      Yoga, Music & Spoken Word

      Location: MLK Civic Center Park in Berkeley
      : Donations/Pledges.
      No one turned away for lack of funds.

      Activists, Meditators, Yogis, Agents of Change:

      SIT For Change benefits Transformative Change
      . The fund supports activists in cultivating
      their inner lives to become more effective agents
      of transformative change

      "Like King and Gandhi, Suu Kyi and Mandela,
      Black Elk and Chávez, when our action is rooted
      in presence, the moment-to-moment skill and
      grace that comes from being self-aware and
      connected to purpose, that force of deep
      inner-knowing guides our every step."

      3 Simple Ways to Take A Stand

      To REGISTER visit our website at:

      Registration is recommended, but not required.

      1. PARTICIPATE: Register as a participant.
      Commit to sit for one session or all five. Ask
      your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues
      to support your commitment with a pledge.

      2. PLEDGE: You don't have to participate to
      support transformative change. Register to make
      your pledge in solidarity with participants
      and/or invite others to make a pledge. No
      amount is too large or too small.

      3. SIT: Grab your cushion or blanket
      and SIT For Change. ALL are welcome to enjoy an
      inspiring day of group meditation, yoga, music,
      and spoken word.

      Sitting is action!

      Held on the International Day of
      Peace and Fall Equinox,
      SIT For Change is a
      celebration and affirmation of the power of
      Transformative Change: when work for a more
      just, equitable and sustainable society is
      championed by individuals and organizations that
      cultivate compassion and presence as much as
      they do strategies and campaigns, potential for
      real transformation -- both personal and social
      -- begins.

      MLK Civic Center Park
      2151 MLK Jr Way, at Center St., Berkeley
      Call Toll Free: 1 866 PEACE 2008
      Email: register@...
      Admission: Pledges/Donations
      No one turned away for lack of funds.
      Register: http://www.urbanpeace.org

      SIT For Change Artists:
      Music: Carvell Wallace, Prema Soul,Taber Shadburne
      Spoken Word: Aya de Leon, Drew Dellinger
      Yoga Teacher: Richelle Donigan
      Keynote Speaker: Rev. angel Kyodo williams

      SIT For Change is a Global Mala Event.
      SIT For Change is Wheelchair Accessible.

      Peace begins HERE.

      Take a Stand,
      SIT For Change
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