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Guru Maharaj Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj attained Mahasamadhi

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    Perhaps the Highest person on earth, Swami Chidananda died on Thursday 8/28/08. He was Swami Sivananda s successor and had guided the Divine Life Society for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2008
      Perhaps the "Highest" person on earth,
      Swami Chidananda died on Thursday 8/28/08.
      He was Swami Sivananda's successor and had
      guided the Divine Life Society for the past
      four decades. This humble monk is someone who
      Mother Teresa and many others considered a living Saint.
      Below you will find a small sample of
      his wisdom. If you would like to swim further
      into the ocean of his love, compassion, wit and
      knowledge, much more can be found here:

      This Atman-business!
      by Swami Chidananda

      A seeker I know once said to me, "The world
      would be a much better place and people here
      would be much happier if everybody would do
      one simple thing." "What is that?" I asked.
      She said, "Let everybody write in the air in
      huge letters, "MYOB," for "Mind Your Own Business!"
      If everybody would mind his own business, the
      world would be quite all right." I found another
      meaning in her little homily. Do you know what
      "your own" is in Sanskrit? The word in Sanskrit
      is Atman, and Atman is your own Self, so "mind
      your own business" really means, "mind your own
      Self!" Unfortunately, this Atman-business is the
      one thing we don't want to do, because we like to
      mind other people's business instead! This is why
      we do not realise our true Self. We should be
      filling our lives with a great concern for this
      Atman, reflecting over it, meditating upon it,
      living to attain the fullest experience of it,
      because this Atman is our very own Self.

      Lord Buddha put much the same thing in a different
      way. In his parting message to his disciples he
      said, "Listen to me. Do not neglect your higher
      Self. Always be diligent in your own welfare.
      This is not selfishness but annihilation of the
      little self. When the petty self perishes, what
      remains? That which remains cannot be described
      in a way that is understandable to the petty self,
      for it has ceased to be."

      Do you know the story of Sinbad the Sailor? Sinbad
      was shipwrecked on an island, and one day he found
      an old man lying on the beach whose legs were
      useless. The old man begged Sinbad to lift him up,
      so out of compassion Sinbad raised him onto his
      shoulders. But as he did so, the old man coiled
      both his legs around Sinbad's neck and locked them.
      From then on Sinbad was ruled over by this old man.
      "Take me here, take me there! Let me have this,
      let me have that!" Sinbad almost fell into despair,
      but then an idea came to him. One day he took the
      old man to some grape vines, and the old man gorged
      himself on fermented grapes and got intoxicated.
      In a swoon he loosened his grip on Sinbad's neck,
      and then with one great shove Sinbad was able to
      throw him off. Just as this old man ruled Sinbad,
      so are we also ruled by something. The old man
      riding us is the ego, and this diehard ego has been
      holding us in a tight grip for ages. Our bondage is
      due to this ego, and we must shake it off to be
      freeĀ—that is the only way.
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