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We Can Learn From This Islamic Mystic Experience

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    Studies in Islamic Mysticism, by Reynold A. Nicholson, [1921] pg 247 And I was seeking Her from myself, though She was ever beside me. I marveled how She was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2008
      Studies in Islamic Mysticism,
      by Reynold A. Nicholson, [1921] pg 247

      And I was seeking Her from myself, though
      She was ever beside me. I marveled how She
      was hidden from me by myself
      And I ceased not from going with Her to and
      fro in myself (in search of Her), because my
      senses were intoxicated by the wine of Her beauties,

      Traveling from the knowledge of certainty
      to the intuition thereof; then journeying to
      the fact thereof, where the Truth is.

      (So was I seeking Her within me) until there
      rose from me to mine eye a gleam, and the splendor
      of my daybreak shone forth and my darkness vanished.

      Here I reached a point from which the intellect
      recoils before gaining it, where from myself I was
      being joined and united to myself.

      And when I attained unto myself, I beamed with
      joy because of a certainty that saved me from
      saddling for my journey;

      And since I was seeking myself from myself,
      I directed myself to myself, and my soul showed
      the way to me by means of me.

      And when I removed the curtains of the shroud of
      sense which the mysteries of mine own ordainment
      had let down, I lifted my soul's curtain by unveiling
      her, and 'twas she that granted my request (that
      the veil should be removed).

      And I was that which cleansed the mirror of
      my essence from the rust of my attributes, and
      the rays that surrounded it were from myself;

      And I caused myself to behold myself, inasmuch
      as in my beholding there existed none other than
      myself who might decree the intrusion (of duality).

      And when I uttered my name, that which
      uttered it caused me to hear it, though
      (in truth) 'twas my soul that listened and
      pronounced my name while sensation was banished.

      And I embraced myself, but not through contact
      of my limbs with my ribs: nay, I embraced my very essence.

      And I let myself smell my own perfume,
      while the perfume of my breath made fragrant
      the scents of bruised spices.

      And the whole of me was transcending the
      dualism of sensation, howbeit my transcendence
      was in myself, since I had unified my essence.

      Human thought distinguishes the essence of God
      from His attributes, names, and actions, but
      in the mystic's vision of Oneness all is
      essentialised and every partial relation identified
      with the Whole.
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