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Swami Sivananda on Prayer

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Prayer is an effort of man to commune with the Lord. When you pray, you are in tune with the Infinity. You link yourself with Hiranyagarbha - the inexhaustible
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2008
      Prayer is an effort of man to commune with
      the Lord. When you pray, you are in tune
      with the Infinity. You link yourself with
      Hiranyagarbha - the inexhaustible cosmic
      storehouse of power - and thus draw power,
      energy, light and strength. Prayer is a
      mighty spiritual force.
      · Prayer is depending on God for help in
      distress. Prayer is expecting God to decide
      what is best for you when you are in a dilemma.
      · Prayer represents a mystic state when the
      individual consciousness is absorbed in God.
      Prayer is uplifting the soul to God. It is an
      act of love and adoration to Him.
      · There is nothing so purifying as prayer.
      Prayer lightens the heart and fills the mind
      with peace, strength and purity. Prayer works wonders.
      · Prayer elevates, inspires, redeems. It
      fills the mind with purity. It brings man
      nearer to God. It keeps him in tune with
      God, and makes him feel the Divine Consciousness
      and his essential, immortal and blissful nature.
      Through prayer Divine grace and Divine Light descend.

      · Prayer is a spiritual food for the soul.
      · Prayer is a master key to open the realm of
      Elysian Bliss.
      · Prayer should come from the innermost recess
      of the heart. Then alone it will be heard at once.
      · God listens to, and answers all your prayers.
      God ever responds to the appeal of His sincere
      devotees. Prayer that comes from a sincere, pure
      heart is at once heard by the Lord.
      · There are no problems that cannot be dissolved
      by prayer, no sufferings that cannot be allayed
      by prayer, no difficulties that cannot be
      surmounted by prayer, and no evil that cannot be
      overcome by prayer. Prayer is the miracle by
      which God's power flows into human veins.
      · Prayer should be lifelong, and your life should
      be one long prayer.
      · Through prayer empty your heart and God shall
      fill it with Consciousness-Delite, and you shall
      be all full.
      · Attune your heart with the Lord by doing fervent
      and sincere prayer daily. Prayer must become
      habitual. If you pray regularly, your life will
      be gradually changed and moulded.
      · Prayer expands the heart. Prayer purifies the
      heart. It fills the heart with immense power and
      · Prayer fills the mind with purity. It will keep
      your mind in tune with the Lord. It will instil
      in your heart joy, peace and bliss.
      · Prayer generates spiritual currents, and produces
      tranquility of the mind. There is nothing so
      purifying as prayer.
      · Essentially, prayer should be selfless as
      far as possible. We should first pray for the
      good of others, for the welfare and peace of
      the world and for our own spiritual evolution;
      we should pray for eradication of our evil qualities,
      for wisdom and knowledge, for goodness and
      saintliness. "Asato maa sad-gamaya; Tamaso maa
      jyotir-gamaya; mrityormaa amritam gamaya. Lead me
      from unreal to the Real; from darkness to the Light;
      from mortality to Immortality." This is the best
      prayer - the prayer for the Light, for the Truth,
      for Immortality.
      · Prayer cleanses the dross and steadies the mind.
      It washes off the impurities of the heart with the
      pure waters of spiritual emotions, corrects the
      defects and shortcomings, and prepares the mind
      for the reception of Self-knowledge.
      · Pray to God fervently: "O Lord! Make my will
      strong to resist all temptations, to control my
      indriyas (senses) and my lower nature. Enthrone
      Thyself in my heart. Make me fit to dwell in
      Thee for ever."
      · Prayer grinds the flint of egoism, breaks the
      walls of pride, and consumes the fire of selfishness.
      · By prayer you dwell in the Lord who is all
      happiness and the sweetest of sweets. It opens
      the eye of intuition. Wherever you turn this 'eye',
      you see nothing but God - the transcendent Divinity.
      · Pray fervently for the descent of the Divine Light.
      · God wants your heart when you pray. Lay bare
      your heart. Melt the mind in the agni (fire) of
      divine love. Crave for His mercy.
      · Do not pray for the attainment of some selfish
      ends or mundane gains. It should be done without
      expectation of fruit. Pray for His mercy. Pray for
      light, purity and guidance.
      · Repetition of stotras or hymns will elevate your
      mind, inspire you.
      · Common mass-prayer is very inspiring. A huge
      spiritual current is generated during mass-prayer.
      In times of danger and calamity, mass prayer works wonders.
      · Prayer for the departed souls bestows peace on them.
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