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Wisdom From Swami Krishnananda

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    Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj s 86th birthday anniversary is today. To honor it, and we hope benefit all who read and get it, here is a sample of what he
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2008
      Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj's 86th birthday
      anniversary is today. To honor it, and we hope benefit
      all who read and "get" it, here is a sample
      of what he has shared with no other aim but to
      help others evolve in consciousness

      Q: Is a Guru necessary for success in meditation?

      Swami Krishnananda answers:

      "Meditation is the summing up of all our
      spiritual activities; the purpose of all activities
      is to be one with everything. But even in meditation
      Space and Time come in, and this is what spiritual
      activities try to overcome.
      Until bodily consciousness ends you cannot merge with
      the cosmos. Intellectual solutions do not end it.
      Heart will rebel against them. So the intellect and
      the heart are to be brought into harmony. In this
      only studying under a Guru can help. This harmonizing
      is a super-mundane effort. Biological, physiological
      and intellectual perception must be gone through
      before the universal percept can come in. In
      attaining this goal the Guru will help. So complete
      dedication to the Guru helps in the process of first
      harmonizing the conflicting biological, physiological
      and intellectual perceptions and then going beyond
      them--that is going beyond the mind. You may suffer a
      great deal. That is your purgatory. Unfortunately
      these days it is hard to find such a Guru who can
      help you so fundamentally. Nor is to be found such a
      devoted, courageous disciple who wants the solution.
      You must learn to climb on your own shoulders. Such
      is the difficulty in real meditation. But if you have
      sincerity, the true urge to meditate--and not merely
      as an experiment--and the confidence in eventual
      success you will find vistas opening up miraculously
      and you will merge with the cosmos."

      For much more of Swamiji's wisdom:
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