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Re: Sioux Vision Quest

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  • J
    ... interesting, certainly beyond anything I ve experienced..thanks for it !
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 13, 2008
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      > J and Westwind's sharing of their meditative
      > in-sights brought to mind this Native American
      > inner transcendent experience.
      > Enjoy!
      > Before I could go on my vision quest, I had
      > to purify myself in the oinikaga tipi, the inipi,
      > the sweat lodge.... With the buffalo-horn
      > ladle, Good Lance poured ice-cold water over the
      > red-glowing stones. There was a tremendous hiss as
      > we were instantly enveloped in a cloud of
      > searing white steam. It was so hot, it came like a
      > shock wave upon me...
      > I dared not breathe; I thought that if I did I
      > would burn my lungs into charcoal. But I did not
      > cry out. I just stuck my head between my knees.
      > Good Lance prayed. He used ancient words, "This steam
      > is the holy breath of the universe. Hokshila, boy,
      > you are in your mother's womb again. You
      > are going to be reborn." They all sang two songs,
      > very ancient songs, going way back to the days when
      > we Sioux roamed the prairie. Suddenly I
      > felt wise with the wisdom of generations. These men,
      > my relatives, sang loud and vigorously.... The little
      > hut was shaken as if in the grip of a
      > giant hand. It was trembling as a leaf trembles
      > in the wind. Beneath us the earth seemed to move.
      > "Grandfather is here," said Good Lance. "The
      > spirits are here; the Eagle's wisdom is here."
      > We believed it; we knew it. The pipe was passed....
      > Four times we smoked. After the last time,
      > Good Lance told me, "Hokshila, you have been purified;
      > you are no longer a child; you are ready now and
      > made strong to go up there and cry for a dream."...
      > Our vision pit was an L-shaped hole dug into
      > the ground, first straight down and then a short
      > horizontal passage deep under the roots of
      > the trees. You sit at the end of that passage and
      > do your fasting. A grown-up man fasts anywhere from
      > one to four days... in my case, it was
      > decided that I should stay up there alone without
      > food or water for two days and two nights.
      > [After some preparations] it was time for me to
      > strip and go down into the hole. My father and uncle
      > wrapped me in a star quilt and tied me up
      > in it with a deer hide thong.... They patted me on
      > the back, mumbled some encouragements, and left me there.
      > The first hours were the hardest. It was pitch
      > dark and deathly still. I sat there without moving.
      > My arms and legs went asleep. I could neither hear nor
      > see nor feel. I became almost disembodied, a thing
      > with a heart and wild thoughts but no flesh or bones.
      > Would I ever be able to see and hear again?... I don't
      > know how long I sat there. All sense of time had
      > left me long ago. I didn't know whether it was day or
      > night, had not even a way to find out. I prayed
      > and prayed, tears streaming down my cheeks. I wanted
      > water but kept praying. Toward evening of
      > the second day--and this time is only a wild guess--
      > I saw wheels before my eyes forming up into one fiery
      > hoop and then separating again into bright,
      > many-colored circles, dancing before my eyes and
      > gain contracting into one big circle, a circle with
      > a mouth and two eyes.
      > Suddenly, I heard a voice. It seemed to come
      > from within the bundle that was me, a voice from
      > the dark. It was hard to tell exactly where it
      > came from. It was not a human voice; it sounded
      > ike a bird speaking like a man. My hackles rose...
      > "Remember the hoop" said the voice, "this night
      > we will teach you." And I heard many feet walking
      > around in my small vision pit. Suddenly I was out
      > of my hole, in another world, standing in
      > front of a sweat bath on a prairie covered with
      > wildflowers, covered with herds of elk and buffalo.
      > I saw a man coming toward me; he seemed to
      > have no feet; he just floated toward me out of a mist,
      > holding two rattles in his hand. He said, "Boy,
      > whatever you tell your people, do not exaggerate;
      > always do what your vision tells you. Never pretend."
      > The man was wearing an old-fashioned buckskin outfit
      > decorated with quillwork. I stretched out my
      > hands to touch him, when suddenly I was back inside
      > my star quilt, clutching my medicine bundle of
      > stones and tobacco ties. I still heard the
      > voice, "Remember the hoop; remember the pipe;
      > be its spokesman." I was no longer afraid; whoever
      > was talking to me meant no harm.
      > Suddenly before me stretched a coal-black
      > cloud with lightning coming out of it. The cloud
      > spread and spread; it grew wings; it became an
      > eagle. The eagle talked to me: "I give you a power,
      > not to use for yourself, but for your people. It does
      > not belong to you; it belongs to the common folks."
      > I saw a rider on a gray horse coming toward me, he held in
      > his one hand a hoop made of sage. He held it high...
      > and again everything dissolved into blackness. Again
      > out of the mist came a strange creature
      > floating up, covered with hair, pale, formless.
      > He wanted to take my medicine away from me, but I
      > wrestled with him, defended it. He did not get
      > my medicine. He, too, disappeared.
      > Suddenly somebody shook me by the shoulder.
      > "Wake up, boy." My father and my uncle had come for me.
      > The two days and two nights were over.
      > Native American Religions. Leonard Crow Dog, Sioux
      > Vision Quest

      interesting, certainly beyond anything I've experienced..thanks for it !
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