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Re: chakras and meditation

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    ... first THANK YOU ! to all who have responded...how wonderful to have a place to open up and discuss some of these profound experiences ! before I read any
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 11, 2008
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      > > Last night, deeply relaxed, I experienced unusual physical sensations,
      > > through out my "throat" - blue chakra. I felt a gentle sensation, that
      > > at first felt like petals opening than tiny spheres from the top of my
      > > adam's apple down through my upper chest, vibrating in an unsettling,
      > > yet gentle way and upon coming out of meditation, the area of the
      > > chakra felt at ease, in some way cleansed. These sensations only
      > > occurred at the end of the breathing out of each breath, when all the
      > > air is gone and I wait for the natural reflex breath in. I continued
      > > to feel this until the in breath filled my lungs. Is this normal ?
      > Thirty-five years ago I had a similar experience. I remember neither
      > good nor bad came of it, but I remember thinking of it as a distraction
      > from what I needed to work on. After a few meditation sessions it went
      > away, but I didn't think of it as a big deal one way or the other. Has
      > this been occurring regularly since your post?

      first THANK YOU ! to all who have responded...how wonderful to have a
      place to open up and discuss some of these profound experiences !

      before I read any of these responses, the very next morning I had a
      similar experience, with more profound results.

      The "energy field" began in the complete back of my skull. Into about
      an hours meditation, the stuffiness in my sinuses, right side
      completely disappeared, upon this "field" moving into the brow and
      front of my face. My whole sinus cavity opened up.

      I must say it was very scary and unsettling, when this movement of the
      "energy field" became more encompassing. I held onto "the now",
      staying at one without thought chatter. I felt as though some layer
      was being stripped away and I was "emeging", like a floating up to the
      surface when under water, except without movement.

      I retained the energy, through breath awareness only, the energy
      moving down the chakra line to heart, spleen, then suddenly in my
      "gut" creating all kind of movement and sound inside. It also went
      down into my feet, where I suffer from severe neuropathy, due to an
      old back energy.

      The "energy" dissolved the burning and bothersome tingling, I often
      suffer from in that region. I came out of meditation and immediately
      went downstairs and had a huge bowl movement, about the largest I can
      remember having since childhood. I went back upstairs to rest, coming
      back down to have another large bowl movement, about 20 minutes later.

      Couple days later, during the day, I took time to meditate again,
      (beyond my two daily meditation periods, before getting up and going
      to sleep) and felt a smaller , very gentle, loving kind of
      criscrossing energy at the bottom of my throat, where I have
      experienced some chronic problems. That pretty much summarizes my
      most recent "energy field" experiences, though last night I also felt
      for a brief period the back of skull energy field, briefly, without
      further movement.

      Much THANKS to everyone out there and to all who seek our higher
      ground together !

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