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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Digest Number 258

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  • Ramon Sender
    Dear Ones: I just deleted my previous posting of the essay-in-progress Poohbear s Advice to Eeyore on De-gloomification and uploaded the current version.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2002
      Dear Ones:
      I just deleted my previous posting of the essay-in-progress
      "Poohbear's Advice to Eeyore on De-gloomification"
      and uploaded the current version. Just little add-ons from
      recent mergings with "She Who Devours and Births Us

      My offer still holds: a free Donley Gruntler will be shipped
      postpaid to anyone willing to try it out. It's great for
      on the road tensions, by the way. Cooled me right out in
      Palm Springs when I was late picking up my pooch and
      lost myself after dark. Hee-haw!

      Thanks, Tony, for your inquiry. I continue my cross-
      country rambles through an examination of the Buddha's
      facial expression as represented in different traditions.
      I'm also investigating the Tibetan practice of 'balancing'
      the breath between the mouth and nose, but I've added
      the 'tsk-tsk-tsk' sipping inhale/exhale across the tip of the
      tongue. I think the mantram must be 'Isis' as pronounced
      originally: 'Eeeeeeee' (inhale)
      'Ssssssss" (exhale)
      It can be done silently at my office desk, etc., so it has
      particular value. Also it places me right in the brahamananda
      chakra of my upper skull;

      Currently I'm pondering Hakuin's Zenji's self-portrait,
      and trying to duplicate his grimace.
      (I'll upload the graphic)

      I'm still convinced that if the eyes wander, the mind follows.
      Hakuin's solution as he drew himself, is quite amusing.
      Draw your own conclusion!

      Happy and Best of the Consensus Reality New Year,

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