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About the "Missing" Techniques

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  • medit8ionsociety
    ... meditation techniques on the website, and I am also interested in learning all 108 techniques because on your website we are not able to read
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 24 6:15 AM
      uday bajare <uday_bajare@...> wrote:
      > Dear Sirs
      > My Name is Uday Bajare.I am from INDIA .I have read your 108
      meditation techniques on the website, and I am also interested in
      learning all 108 techniques because on your website we are not able
      to read techniques nos 2) Inner Garden of Eden 3) Visualize Perfect
      Self 5) Bathing in Protective Light 6) Little Buddha, Big Buddha
      > So I am very keen and interested in learning all the techniques
      and I believe you will definitely help me out in learning all the
      techniques. My email id is uday_bajare@... and I have also
      registered for your membership.
      > Waiting for your positive reply,

      > Thanking You
      > Yours faithfully,
      > Uday Bajare

      Dear Uday,
      All of the techniques have been shared in our classes
      which we held for over 18 years in the Philadelphia
      PA, USA area. Many of the ones can only be transmitted
      in person and would lose or leave out a lot if simply
      put on paper. Some of them, like the Inner Garden of
      Eden, are on our Guided Meditation CD and others can be
      found in issues of our newsletter The Inner Traveler.
      We have been on a sabbatical from classroom teaching
      but still do instruct on an individual and small group
      basis, and all of the methods (and more) are still
      available in this format. Early in January we will begin
      working with the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School
      system and will be teaching them how to teach meditation.
      This program allows any child in our state to go to school
      via computer at home. The state supplies the computer,
      web cam and other supplies and the teachers work from
      either West Chester or Pittsburg. As the Meditation
      Society of America has it's top priority project (besides
      freely sharing meditation techniques and concepts) getting
      Meditation In Education, we are looking forward to this
      opportunity. We may also be doing some of the actual on-line
      teaching. We hope to be helpful in training teachers who
      can then share this knowledge. We feel that there is nothing
      better that we can teach our kids than ways to cope
      with stress, and there is no better way than meditation.
      In any event, we do share your interest in meditation and
      your desire to learn new methods. Perhaps one day soon we
      will make the many more we would like to share available
      via DVD's or YouTube or some similar way. Unfortunately our
      media genius Bob Eck passed away and the universe hasn't yet
      replaced him. And as a matter of fact, because no one else
      could make use of his valuable top notch equipment, it
      was donated to the University of Pennsylvania film
      department where it has found a good home and was very
      needed and appreciated. If and when we get another person
      who can get these type methods of sharing together, and
      has the technology know-how and the equipment to do so,
      we will be glad to help this happen. BTW, I do think this
      is just a question of when, not if.
      Thanks for your interest, and if you ever happen to be
      in the area, please contact us and we'll be glad to share
      some meditation experiences "live-in-person".
      Peace and blessings,
      Bob Rose, President,
      Meditation Society of America
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