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  • Gwyn Plaine
    I don t necessarily agree with all your findings, but I enjoyed the site, and have book marked it. :) The ideas on non-duality, and the nature of truth as
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 15, 2007
      I don't necessarily agree with all your  findings, but I enjoyed the site, and have book marked it. :)

      The ideas on non-duality, and the nature of 'truth' as largely subjective in nature is very much in line with my findings as 'psychonaut' of 30 some years, although I depart on the nature of extrinsic divinity...

      My take, I'm afraid is a lot less original, and is taken from Babylon 5. After spending most of my adult life trying to articulate what I'd found, some damned writer make it into all but poetry...

      "If I take a lamp and shine it toward the wall, a bright spot will appear on the wall. The lamp is our search for truth ... for understanding. Too often, we assume that the light on the wall is God, but the light is not the goal of the search, it is the result of the search. The more intense the search, the brighter the light on the wall. The brighter the light on the wall, the greater the sense of revelation upon seeing it. Similarly, someone who does not search--who does not bring a lantern--sees nothing. What we perceive as God is the by-product of our search for God. It may simply be an appreciation of the light ... pure and unblemished ... not understanding that it comes from us. Sometimes we stand in front of the light and assume that we are the centre of the universe--God looks astonishingly like we do--or we turn to look at our shadow and assume that all is darkness. If we allow ourselves to get in the way, we defeat the purpose, which is to use the light of our search to illuminate the wall in all its beauty and in all its flaws; and in so doing, better understand the world around us." smashed into Krishna's description of himself as the underpinning of all things, animate and inanimate.

      To me, God is another mask, a pointer to something even less comprehensible than the idea of a creator god... The Hindu gods are masks of God, which masks... reality? All that is? Rather like the things we find as we smash matter with ever more violence, it's all like Russian dolls...

      On 10/16/07, Saybian <saybian@...> wrote:

      Devotional Nonduality is a direct way to enlightenment. It uses the
      power of the heart and not spiritual ambition. Followers of Devotional
      Nonduality seek the "core" of spirituality for its own sake, knowing
      that the source of our own existence is within. It is the devotion to
      the essence of Truth itself.

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Saybian"
      <saybian@...> wrote:
      > As a fellow being on the road of life, the tumultuous path of
      > Devotional Nonduality is a way seldom traveled. As consciousness has
      > crested and become whole, my pathway of sharing and inspiring others
      > on their pathway has come into manifestation.
      > If there's grace for the time, to know your experience would be
      > http://www.saybian.tv
      > Thank you for this moment.
      > Saybian

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