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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: God Exists (long but semi-interesting)

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  • Gwyn Plaine
    I find much to smile at...not to say laugh. But then perhaps laughter is all that stands between one and the abyss most days... As to being
    Message 1 of 53 , Oct 15, 2007
      <sweeping bow> I find much to smile at...not to say laugh. But then perhaps laughter is all that stands between one and the abyss most days...

      As to being condescending and damning in equal measure... perhaps. What did Burns write about seeing ourselves reflected and gifts?

      To expand on 'reflection'... The Fool is an interesting Jungian archetype... In the Tarot, the image is the traveller on the road... the seeker of... what? Truth. A little like 'beauty', truth is at best subjective and at worst unreliable. When The Fool appears in a spread, he would be a signal to strip down to the irreducible core, and interrogate whether the Querant's self-vision is obscured. I sit somewhere between Major Arcana 0 and XV...

      I try, at least, have the respect for other's intelligence not to quote the content of chain letters as an example of de profundis, and sufficient honesty to point up that, the emperor, far from being attired in the finest silks, may actually be naked and illustrating well the effects of the cold. It's usually not a 'good' look, but educational of a sort.

      As to not thinking... not guilty. I do far too much of it. That and a seventeenth century predilection for splitting infinitives and run on sentences... not to mention ellipses. To quote the ever excellent Wiki "The use of ellipses can either mislead or clarify, and the reader must rely on the good intentions of the writer who uses it"

      Since I've already been branded 'Troll', I would presume that my 'good intentions' are in doubt... c'est la guerre... Between the Fool and the Devil can there be a 'good intention'... old Grandpa Rumi thought it was possible... and I'll leave the last word with him, methinks!

      This being human is a guest house.
      Every morning a new arrival.

      A joy, a depression, a meanness,
      some momentary awareness comes
      as an unexpected visitor.

      Welcome and entertain them all!
      Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
      who violently sweep your house
      empty of its furniture,
      still, treat each guest honourably.
      He may be clearing you out
      for some new delight.

      The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
      meet them at the door laughing,
      and invite them in.

      Be grateful for whoever comes,
      because each has been sent
      as a guide from beyond.

      On 10/15/07, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Yo Gwyn Plaine (and are you really a Victor Hugo character?)

      Some examples of the "content" of your opinions of others
      opinions (and what do you think about the possibility that they
      are themselves "condescending and damNing", or would that be
      "too much like having to think?"):

      "…his imagination is too limited to imagine a designerless universe
      proves nothing more than he's actually slightly dull"

      "... sickly, replete with a priori assumptions and really just trite"

      "…it's just loud and tiresome"

      "…you show your own ignorance"

      As to your 'cares'... interesting use of language... condescending and
      damning all at once."

      "…so, care to critique the content rather than tell me my intent, or is
      that a little too much like having to 'think'?"

    • Gwyn Plaine
      Message 53 of 53 , Oct 25, 2007

        On 10/24/07, Jeff Belyea <jeff@...> wrote:

        --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "jvmarco"
        <jvmarco@...> wrote:
        > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, sean tremblay
        > <bethjams9@> wrote:
        > >
        > > I think therefore I am
        > > Descartes
        > >
        > V:
        > Actually, Descartes, like today's groupthink, has it upsidedown.
        > can you put the "i think" (the little i, the ego) before the I am?
        > www.trafford.com/4dcgi/view-item?item=19601
        > <http://www.trafford.com/4dcgi/view-item?item=19601>
        > The absolute, irrefutable reality is this:
        > Know God, no Peace; Gnow Peace, no God!
        > Vicente
        > :)

        Gnice gnostic touch, Vicente.

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