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human nature

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  • surendra_gautam24
    Generally most people dislike ti see the true facts of life.They like to full themselves in to security by dreaming,imagination and taking the shadow for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2007
      Generally most people dislike ti see the true facts of life.They
      like to full themselves in to
      security by dreaming,imagination and taking the shadow for the substance.
      If we consider only the actual state of humanity,it is clear that
      the unsatisfactory theory is still
      the only one that can be sustained...It will suffer to take an
      average, normal huamn life. That of
      man place in ordinary circumstances and of ordinary understanging;and
      to consider to it coolly
      . What does his existance consist in ? During one quarter of a
      century he work to acquire the
      means of livelyhood; for another quarter he struggels amid perpectual
      anxities to make these
      maens of life give a sufficient return;he die without knowing exactly
      why he has lived at all.what
      pain and sorrow . What aixieties and dieappointments during the short
      quarter century during
      which the man'enjoy' his gains, ephemeral youth with its short lived
      its illusions;a life warn down
      by the way side of life and soon faded;a few instances of repose,and
      then the weary march far-
      ward again.Personal anxieties,faimly worries,heavy and leaseless
      work;vexations dis illusion
      and deceptions;such is the common lot of mortals.For those who have an
      idea it is worse;some
      whilst intoxicated in the persuit of illusion had the heart breaking
      discovery of importance in attai
      -ning them.... Even the concept of an ideally privilaged humanity ,
      highly evoloped and happy ,
      is weaking its foundations. Humnaity will seeits happy life poisoned
      by the idea of inevialable
      and approaching annihilation . The thought of death as the end of all
      would be unendurable to
      hyperson of life it self....At every turn and stage of life,in the
      midst of every joy, his ear will hear
      the knell.
      However ingeniously we might plan and organise oue society and
      adjust human relationships
      ,So long as the world it what it is, the best of us cannot escapr
      suffering....Even if by some stroke
      of good fortune,we cannot free over selves from death.and our bodily
      orgenism has in it seed of
      dissolution.Morality seems native to your world.'The system of nature
      does not sympathise with
      the bless for which we sign.....our bound hopes are shetlise to dust
      and over tenderest ideas m-
      ocked by the stern in defference of nature.''
      They relocation of death , accompained with right attitude of
      mind , gives a man courge and
      calm even in time of death.They physical boidy we can to be so real
      lasts then a centery,our im-
      otions are but a stream of feelings and images , our mind but a stream
      of thoughts.There is no
      permanency in us.
      So, to the suffering and dispairing who sought light and help
      that all man begain by basing
      their hopes of happiness on a life whose elements are shifting as the
      sands of a river-mouth.life
      is suffering because life is impermanent.This ceaseless passage of
      time is so obvious a quality
      of our lives that we take it for granted.With in this ceaseless
      movement,all things we know are
      born,grow,decay and die and we along with them.
      Even our happiness has this unbdertone of sorrow,If we are
      seeking for truth,This must reco-
      gnised,wether we like it or not.It is not easy to accept this vision
      of the suffering of a world which
      seems at a time so fair.And yet when we look around we see, even in
      the beauty of spring.how
      many are dying, how many more suffering from incurable disease.We see
      dis appointed effe-
      ction or frustrated hopes making life batter to others,and the beauty
      of the world seems mockery
      .Generally,as we grow in year and expire and the vision it we are not
      wilfully blind.(SURENDRA)
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