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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Meditators predict Dow 17,000, near U.S. utopia

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  • sean tremblay
    right on Bob! ... I recently became aware that one of the therapists I work with has been a devoted practitioner of Transcendental Meditation for decades. He
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 2, 2007
      right on Bob!

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      "citizensactive" <citizensactive@ ...> wrote:
      > http://news. yahoo.com/ s/nm/stocks1_ dc;_ylt=AvbXUAbk iYZSyd7lC97eOewF 1vA

      > By Ayesha Rascoe
      > Mon Jul 30, 9:20 AM ET

      > NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks had a tough week with the Dow Jones
      > Industrial Average suffering its worst one-week point drop in five
      > years, but a group of meditators promise their good vibrations will
      > send the index past 17,000 within a year.
      > A group called the Invincible America Assembly made that claim and
      > more on Friday, insisting they have America's prosperity under
      > control and their positive vibes will bring fewer hurricanes and
      > better U.S.-North Korean relations.
      > Through group transcendental meditation the assembly -- which has
      > 1,800 people meditating daily in Iowa since it was formed in July
      > 2006 -- releases harmonious waves which benefit all aspects of U.S.
      > life, spokesman Bob Roth told Reuters.
      > And the group's leader, John Hagelin, said when that number reaches
      > 2,500 within the next 12 months, America will see a major drop in
      > crime and the virtual elimination of all major social and political
      > woes.
      > Asked what it would take to achieve world peace, Hagelin said such a
      > utopia would need 8,000 meditators.
      > The group takes credit for, among other things: the Dow Jones
      > Industrial Average reaching a record high of 14,022 last week,
      > unemployment rates falling to a six-year low at 4.5 percent, and
      > North Korea shutting down its nuclear reactor.
      > It operates two facilities in Iowa, where followers practice several
      > hours of transcendental meditation each day.
      > "This is not praying for peace, this is not sending out positive
      > thoughts for peace," Roth said. "This is diving deep into one's own
      > consciousness. "
      > Hagelin compared the Assembly's use of transcendental meditation to
      > the invention of electricity and other advances.
      > "We have control over things we didn't have control over before.
      > That's the progress of science," Hagelin said.
      > And while most people may be skeptical of the ability of meditation
      > to bring such change, Roth said the Assembly was not going to try to
      > change people's opinions.
      > "We're not trying to convince anyone of anything," Roth said. "We're
      > just doing it."
      I recently became aware that one of the therapists I work
      with has been a devoted practitioner of Transcendental
      Meditation for decades. He teaches it and has been to India
      and stayed in their communities for extended periods for
      years. He also practices their "Yogic Flying" and has
      been part of their delegations that have gone to war torn
      areas in the belief that a group of TM followers who do
      their Mantras simultaneously can and have brought wars
      to an end by their efforts. Though one can never know
      for sure about another, I have no feeling that he has
      reached Enlightenment, Realization, or whatever you
      want to call "IT". When I told him that I saw no reason
      at all to pay between $2500 and $3000 for a word to
      meditate on and that OM was superior to any of the
      words that TM sold, he replied that OM was just for
      those renunciates who are not involved in worldly
      activities and that TM's words are for householders.
      He answered with their usual sales-pitch saying that
      the word or phrase you use has to be one specific to
      the individual, and then repeated a few other cliche's
      that he has said by rote for years to justify to people
      for paying for what could just as easily be free. I then
      pointed out that all this as well as the promise of
      being able to be part of levitating and helping to
      cause world peace, and so on, were just forms of magical
      thinking that ended up putting money into TM's pockets.
      He responded that if there was no magical thinking,
      there would be much less for one to have hope about.
      And I think he has a point there...so, if these TM'ers
      succeed, good for them! But for me, what I think is
      really magical is to be able to deal with what IS,
      and I have not found that something you can "do" or
      "not do" anything about, nor is it anything you can
      buy for any price.
      Peace and blessings,

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