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Stress Release Exercise

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  • idbeiyin
    Stress Release Exercise The serious aspect of a stress condition is, that a per­son who has stress, mostly is not aware of it, being so much used to it. Often
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2007
      Stress Release Exercise
      The serious aspect of a stress condition is, that a per­son who has
      stress, mostly is not aware of it, being so much used to it. Often
      trying to compensate tension with smoking, drinking, excessive eating,
      biting nails or many other ways. The exercise offered here releases
      stress, so that one can be relaxed and emotionally and mentally in
      more balance. This has its beneficial influence also on the body and
      can prevent all kind of diseases and is the basic condition for real
      Everybody can do this exercise and can have great benefit from it. It
      doesn't matter which lifestyle one has adapted or in which situation
      or condition one is at this moment. One can be sure that to be able to
      do this exercise does not depend on one's beliefs or concepts,
      philosophical, religious or whatever. I am spreading out the
      information how to release stress, because I want to help people to
      get out of the `vicious cycle'. - To enter in an easy way into
      relaxation and that every­one can learn to respond and relate to daily
      life situations without getting into stress. Stress that can't be
      avoided can be re­leased and so will not accumulate causing
      destruction. You don't need to join a group or a seminar; you can do
      all by yourself after you read my advice and you can start right now.
      There is no `ritual' necessary, only plain information and then some

      What is the benefit?
      Having practiced for some time, one becomes more relaxed and then is
      able to relate and respond in a different way to whatever shows up in
      one's life, all around out­side and also from inside of oneself. As a
      significant result of being more relaxed one becomes aware of one's
      stress and then also can deal with the reason, so that tension doesn't
      accumulate causing damage to the whole system. One is able to observe
      in a more objective way: responding not just out of one's limited
      conditions, but in a more wholesome way, being able to understand
      oneself better; also others view­points, being then more effective in
      every thing one is doing or trying to achieve. One gains a new
      attitude and a new way to focus, which betters one's responses. `Bad'
      habits might change, because one realizes that these are not
      favorable. One will become more aware and more critical about what one
      receives or does and one can decide if this is really what one wants.
      Living healthy on all levels of one's existence. One will not need to
      demonstrate anything, not needing to provoke or manipulate others to
      get what one wants, so being less dependent on others and the
      surrounding... Self-expression will gain a new dimension. There are
      much more benefits, you will find out yourself when having practiced
      for some time...

      How to do it
      You can practice the `Stress Release Exercise' any­where. To start
      with, you choose favorable conditions. These are: A quiet place where
      you can be with out being disturbed by too much noise or other
      influences for some time. You shouldn't be under the effect of alcohol
      or any kind of drugs; you shouldn't be too tired or exhausted. Then
      you sit comfortably, if possible with a straight back. Twenty minutes
      of practice is enough, you can do it twice a day: in the early
      morning, before you go to your daily activities and in the evening, if
      possible not too late. Better if you don't practice with a full
      stomach. If you can't do it twice a day, then at least once a day, but
      this every day. Every day!! Maybe you will need to force yourself a
      little bit the first few days, because it is a totally new habit, but
      very soon it will be established and you will do it, not wanting to
      miss it anymore. Later on, when you are used to the exercise, then you
      can do it also only for a few minutes when you feel that you are
      getting into stress. For example when you are driving your car and you
      get stuck in a traffic jam, then when the traffic light changes to red
      you have a moment to do the exercise. Or waiting in your office for a
      phone call, or in the waiting room of the dentist, you just close your
      eyes and do it... This few moments over the day will give you calmness
      and strength to go on.

      If you want to read the advice how to do the exercise, I can post it
      if you want or you can go to:
      http://falconblanco.org/release/ or you can print out the whole info:
      or you can join the yahoo group:

      If there is any question, don't hesitate to email me.

      PS: You might ask why I have given a new name to 'meditation', because
      my experience has shown, that information about 'meditation' is very
      often rejected because there are many images connected with this word
      that then make it to something dubious for people. But it would be
      important that meditation is done by many people and becomes a normal
      daily practice. This is the only and most effective way to change and
      to rise the consciousness of humanity. 'Stress' is a word every body
      knows and people suffering from it and the consequences and so they
      are more open to do something about it. What is your experience and
      what do you think about it?
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