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  • Era Molnar
    ... I agree with all what Jeff wrote. In Surat Shabd mystic meditation one travels through planes which are: physical, astral. mental, causal, and beyond.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 6, 2007
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      <jeff@...> wrote:
      > Dear Armaan,
      > The fear of death, or the feeling
      > that you are going to die in meditation
      > is the threshold of enlightenment.
      > It is the ego - the self that identifies
      > with thinking and meditating - that feels
      > the impending threat of death. But it is
      > only a death of old belief systems. If
      > the fear pulls you out of deep meditation
      > and back into self-consciousness, then
      > you are not ready for enlightenment.
      > You can choose to continue or not, but
      > you can only cross the threshold by
      > completely surrendering, and staying
      > in the deep meditation, risking everything,
      > including what feels like death.
      > Once the threshold is crossed, the ego
      > is delighted with the discovery of the
      > Self (the higher Self), or what Ramana
      > called the "I-I", and Osho called "The
      > New Man".
      > It is as if we believed our everyday
      > consciousness and awareness was our true
      > identity, only to discover (awaken to)
      > the fact that there is a "higher" more
      > complete awareness that makes the
      > self-consciousness awareness seem
      > illusory or secondary.
      > This awakened awareness (enlightenment)
      > is always reported as blissful because
      > it is a graceful granting of complete
      > freedom from fear and doubt, and a sure
      > knowledge of our true identity.
      > It requires complete surrender to
      > drink from its cup - including the
      > yielding to what seems like death.
      > Reading Osho, you will find many
      > of his teaching in this regard.
      > Hope this is helpful.
      > Jeff
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, armaan shah
      > <armaanwithu@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear meditators,
      > >
      > > I am anees babu is meditating for last 3 years .First time when
      > I heard about osho and know what is meditation through osho's books
      > since then I am learning the meditation,I mean I try each moments of
      > life with total knowledge .In last three years my life is total
      > changed I knew why I knew I m on right way.One thing all meditators
      > knew that expression and feelings could not be define in words.
      > Beause truth can not be define I believe also.In last three years I
      > have joined the camp for three times at oshodham delhi.I hav
      > meditating in the camp of ma dhram jyoti and vragya amrit.
      > > But I do not meditate by sitting with close my eyes while I
      > meditate by lying with close my eyes.As well as I try to live each
      > moment of life with total knowledge ,full of energy,full
      > concentration .I try to live each moment of life with as a living
      > thing not as non living thing. I try to forget the thoughts of
      > meditation or anything related this journey with doing any work.
      > > Three or four times when I was meditating with close of my eyes
      > I have shocked I means it did not happen befor i do not know I was
      > whr but something is unknown than I have forget myself still I had
      > power to come back, first time when it happened I feard very much and
      > come back as soon than I did not dare to meditating with close of my
      > eyes for about three months but after three monts I did meditate
      > with close of my eyes with the thoughts of do or die .
      > > This is happened three or four times in last one year, I don't
      > know what is that so I am requested to you please help me what is
      > that ,this position was only less than a minute or more than a minute
      > I did not know.

      I agree with all what Jeff wrote. In Surat Shabd mystic meditation
      one travels through 'planes' which are: physical, astral. mental,
      causal, and beyond. The fear what you talk about happens when leaving
      the mind behind (mental plane) before one enters into Nirvi-kalpa samadhi.



      > > One thing I also share with you now a days my journey is going
      > very deep I mean I am learning more and more in each moment. I have
      > not much theoretical knowledge than practical about meditation. I
      > had no guru (teacher) because I think guru is very useful for this
      > journey but sometimes guru is trouble for this journey that's why I
      > am learning mediation and listen many of enlightened person like
      > Mahesh yogi ,.osho ,lao tau on web site.
      > > Now a days when I am trying to live each moment of life with
      > total knowledge feels like a drunker.I mean as much I feel after
      > drunk feeling since one month without drink.
      > > What is happening with mind
      > > I am waiting for your answer ,Am I right on journey ?
      > > What u suggest ?
      > >
      > >
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