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Visualization of a Deity

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    From our web site, Meditation Station, http://www.meditationsociety.com for Christmas, we share this trio of techniques that deal with visualization of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2006
      From our web site, Meditation Station,
      for Christmas, we share this trio
      of techniques that deal with visualization
      of a Deity. Happy Holidays!

      Visualization of a Deity (technique #21)

      When a pharmacist goes about preparing a
      prescription, he or she always uses a container
      of perfect purity to place the healing
      medication into. Similarly, when preparing
      to fill our consciousness with healing meditation,
      we must be sure it is free of impurities. So, begin
      doing this and every meditation, by using whatever
      techniques you have found work best for you, and
      bring about a state of alert, peaceful tranquility
      to your mind, body, and emotions. Be ready to receive
      all the pure, holy energy the universe can fill you with.

      There are actually 3 different traditional
      techniques that deal with visualizing a deity.
      The first and second ones are applicable to those
      meditators whose relationship with the divine
      includes their God manifesting in human form. The
      third one can be done both by followers of human
      form deities and by those whose vision of God is
      as light or energy or power.

      The first method directs us to see our deity with
      as much detail as possible. If it is a male
      biblical figure, for instance, see Him as clearly
      as possible. Start with His holy feet. See them
      gracing the earth with His presence. Then, work your
      way up the body/ robe being aware of every little
      detail. See His hands reaching out to you to take
      your suffering, your offering, to calm you, to carry
      you. See His serene, compassionate face glowing with
      Love. This technique brings the deity to life. It will
      then interact with you.

      The next technique has you visualizing yourself
      kneeling in front of your savior. Once again see
      this scene in as great a detail as you can. Make an
      offering to Him - perhaps your sadness, or your pain,
      or your promise to act charitably. See the deity
      accept it and fill you with blissful, endless loving
      energy. Every deity has come for the purpose of easing
      our pain. See His pleasure in doing this for you. Feel
      the freedom and love fill you and know and feel Gratitude.

      The 3rd technique deals with the concept/reality
      of omnipresence. Start by realizing/visualizing your
      deity filling you completely as air fills a balloon.
      For if God is God, (S)He is everywhere, in everything.
      Then visualize your deity filling someone you know.
      Then see Him in everyone on earth. Then, in everything
      that lives on earth - within all things in the air, in
      the waters, on and in the earth. Now, see this deity
      filling the Earth, the Sun and the whole solar system.
      Now see the deity filling the Milky Way and then as big
      as all the galaxies. See and feel the unity of everything
      in the universe filled with God and realize that the same
      energy filling everything is filling every atom, every
      molecule, every cell that makes you up and is filling you
      now and forever.

      You are a part of the Kingdom of God and not apart from it.
      Know and feel this and live happily ever after.
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