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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Three 1/2 years.......nothing!

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    Sean, I was in a similiar situation as you recently. When it got to the point I couldn t keep focus on my focus point (my breath), I threw myself to the
    Message 1 of 17 , Dec 16, 2006
      I was in a similiar situation as you recently.  When it got to the point I couldn't keep focus on my focus point (my breath), I threw myself to the universe so to speak, focusing on direction and purpose.  Afterwhich, I received related dreams ans had some so-called coincidences happen which relieve much of the anxiety which also helped to keep focus on meditations.  Something that also helped me was the use of reiki symbols in meditations, just do a search they're easy to find.  Also, you want to try to open up in a different like getting a reiki session done, you can find practioners everywhere now.  How this helps!

      the32family <the32family@...> wrote:
      Thanks Cheryl,

      This board has een fantastic so far,i can see i made a great decision
      to join>

      My problem(if you can call it that lol)with "visuals" thus far has
      simply been the placement of my computer,the comfortablity of my desk
      chair,the light in the room...etc., but i can see how it would work.I
      feel i need a pitch black room with a large screen.I also feel the
      urge to close my eyes.

      using this with headphones has DEFINITELY been a help:

      http://www.bwgen. com

      cool,I'll let you know how it goes.

      -- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com, "cbondnelms"
      <cbondnelms@ ...> wrote:
      > Hi Sean:
      > I'm glad you found some answers. I had the same issue you had.
      > My problem was mind racing. I just couldn't stop it. My mind
      > to think that because I was trying to bring stillness to my
      > it had to fill it with something. It would drive me crazy. I
      > started using tools. I'm a producer, so I used visuals. I use
      > clips to get me started. I can then flow right into a meditative
      > state. I have some clips at http://www.tranquil ityisyours. com.
      > I make sure my windows media player is on repeat and I use the
      > as a visual tool, or close my eyes and use the audio as the tool to
      > help me move past mind racing and into a meditative state. It
      > for my and several others I've heard from. I can log on anywhere
      > use them just to calm me down.
      > If you get stuck again, see if it works for you.
      > Good Luck,
      > Cheryl
      > http://www.tranquil ityisyours. com

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