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    I have had the unique experience of interacting with a team from Lehigh University who have developed a machine that seems to demonstrate Mind over Matter ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2006
      I have had the unique experience of interacting with
      a team from Lehigh University who have developed a
      machine that seems to demonstrate "Mind over Matter",
      or shall we say "Intention over Matter". They have had
      some impressive results that far transcend mere chance,
      and sincerely think this can be a valuable tool for
      many people, and specifically for meditators. With
      this in mind I offered to post a message from them to
      let our group and other similar groups know about their
      work. Here is a message from Tyler Susko, one of the
      projects developers. If you are interested in this kind
      of phenomena, I suggest you check them out and contact
      Peace and blessings,
      Bob Rose, President,
      Meditation Society of America

      When our team met with Bob to talk about our
      project last semester, he served as an excellent
      resource and an open mind to talk with about our
      technology and ideas. In light of that, we are
      hoping that other members of the meditation society
      would be able to provide us with some ideas,
      feedback, or insight into how we might be of benefit
      to meditators in general.

      Our company (Psyleron) currently offers a computer
      device and software package that research has shown
      can be influenced by human intention alone. As it
      stands, you basically hook a device up to your computer
      (but not to yourself!) and then use intention alone
      to try and influence the output of the device. This
      output is displayed on a computer screen, and you can
      track your results and try to see if different methods
      lead to greater success.

      Our interest in the meditation society comes from the
      fact that we have reason to believe that this influence
      might be something that can be practiced and developed
      through a deeper mastery of one's mind. We've noticed
      that people who become easily frustrated, attached, or
      lose their focus have a difficult time achieving good
      results and would like to explore the possibility of
      creating a software package that would be catered towards
      those who use meditation for the purposes of training or

      If anyone would be interested in providing us with feedback
      on how our concept might relate to meditation, whether
      they believe that mind can have such effects, if/how our
      product might be useful, or if you know anyone who would be
      interested or consider buying one, we'd love to hear your
      thoughts in person, by phone, or through e-mail.

      Tyler Susko
      Psyleron, Inc.
      (tgs3@... <mailto:tgs3@...>)

      (Information about research linked to our work can be found on the web
      site of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab;
      www.princeton.edu/~pear <http://www.princeton.edu/%7Epear>. Product
      information will soon be available at www.psyleron.com
      <http://www.psyleron.com/>. You may also contact the company directly
      at info@... <mailto:info@...>.)
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