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Re: Signatures on flowing waters

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  • jellybean0729
    Any path that does not treat the ultimate continues a perpetual regress and will never find the path out...like five people standing in a room looking for the
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 6, 2006
      Any path that does not treat the ultimate continues a perpetual
      regress and will never find the path out...like five people standing
      in a room looking for the keys to a car. Are they under the cushions
      of the couch? Are they under a book on the cocktail table? Are they
      on the bookshelf? In a jar or container? The quest is still in the
      room, and yet the keys may be outside the house altogether! The
      thought has not yet occured to look elsewhere, in this analogy behind
      conceptual theories and into the nonconceptual.

      Here's the catch, you can go behind those conceptual theories only to
      produce more conceptual theories. The point is that its ALL going to
      be conceptual theory. Flowing waters are empirical data that we can
      see and experience. And yet, all these conceptual ideologies are just
      signposts to lead us to make the right decisions and avoid the wrong
      ones to create the ripening of the karma we will need to experience
      this EMPTINESS directly in our meditation. In that moment, you won't
      need to have a validation from any GURU or MASTER because you know
      that you have experienced the Dharmakaya wisdom of the Buddha
      yourself. You know you have put the bobby-pin in the right place on
      the mechanism and are rendering it functionless as it slowly breaks
      up and falls apart. The negative deeds that the "fight or flight"
      part of the brain have projected as "out there" are now failing to
      produce a negative consequence "from them." They are not that way
      from their side, they require the organization of the data YOU THINK
      YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK AT THEM to label them, this or that.

      You simply are inseparable from the ripening of your karma now. In
      fact, as Geshe Michael Roach said so well "you are simply the total
      sum of the ripening of your karma now". If you aren't separate from
      your past deeds, who are you? Mr. or Mrs. TEFLON? Stainless from
      these happenings? Or you are a Buddha. A Buddha has seen how the
      mechanism works and knows that only the MIND that grasps to things
      and the self as REAL can render things to become manifest realities
      to the perceiver. Once one has seen emptiness directly, without the
      conceptions that veil the experience, one has seen that the mechanism
      will soon be out of order. You come out of that experienced and are
      still seeing things as inherently real - the virtual reality glasses
      are still working dear angel, but they will cease to work because you
      know that the plug has been pulled!

      All the other religious experiences, even the Buddhist ones, simply
      give us a scratching post upon which we sharpen our spiritual claws.
      We do the right deeds and say the right things to bring us to a point
      where our spiritual IQ is heightened...and then the conditions are
      ripe to experience this emptiness directly. There has never been a
      buddha statue to get up and eat the orange or smell the flowers that
      you have placed before it. However, who is really getting? You have
      seen yourself give to someone, and the knowledge of emptiness is that
      that statue is NOT OTHER THAN A BUDDHA. This becomes powerful karma.
      The direct perception of emptiness has a "combination", like a lock.
      If you do the right things and cultivate the right understandings,
      you will find the combination and Voila! You'll experience the elixir
      yourself! This is not something that is unique to Mahayana...and I
      believe not just to Buddhism as a whole. But, the language that
      Buddhism uses tries to convey a more neutral position than to say
      that it is a loving God and then condemn or destroy others that don't
      get it! It becomes confusing living in a world made up of labels and
      words when you know that the labels and words can never describe that
      experience that you have had.

      If the senses (eye, ear, nose...etc) are simply channels for
      awareness, then they render information from coming into contact with
      the objects they detect. Without the interpretations of the data into
      labels and placing those labels back out there, we find
      simply "awareness data". Just shapes and colors. This is much like a
      mirror. Since a mirror cannot place labels onto things, it simply
      reflects the data that is before it. The nonconceptual aspect of
      perception and the mirror - things appear before them and they simply
      reflect. Something not appearing before your mind will not render an
      awareness; nothing triggers the "fight or flight" response, and no
      sensation of it arises. The mirror MUST reflect objects that pass by
      its surface. An object that doesn't pass by renders no reflection.

      Next time you are looking into a mirror, try to see the
      surface...past the reflection, or through it. Can you see it? Can you
      see the shiny surface without the images in it? Doubtful. Then, try
      to meditate on the mind, the subtle-most awareness...and look past
      the images that are within your sense fields as though they were
      images in the mirror. Tell yourself "I refuse to succumb to seeing
      mere reflections," and then drop the projections. This takes sooooo
      much time and practice. Eventually, you will find that even the "I"
      is a reflection in that mirror and is not inherently real. It is the
      arising of karma that beleives the self to be "existen". Sure, it
      exists: common experience shows us that we can eat and we can run and
      type and all sorts of things.

      Surely, the flowing waters analogy is beautiful. Someone treading
      water that can't swim well will create ripples and bubbles and all
      sorts of commotion. But where do all those ripples go to? The SHORE!!
      If the person stops fighting and just simply floats, in time he/she
      too will float to the shore!

      Marc Preston Moss
      (Sonam Tsering)

      Please don't get caught up in my words...or anyone's words. They're
      just words.
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