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A Celebration at the Holiest Place I Know

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  • medit8ionsociety
    I just received an email invitation from Swami Sharadananda that I felt I d pass along to our forum. Whenever I ve been at Yogaville, it has always been a far
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2006
      I just received an email invitation from
      Swami Sharadananda that I felt I'd pass along
      to our forum. Whenever I've been at Yogaville,
      it has always been a far more inspiring and
      shall we say "elevating" experience than I had
      expected. This Columbus Day weekend, October 6 - 9,
      2006, a double anniversary celebration will take place
      at Yogaville in Buckingham VA. The 40th anniversary
      of Integral Yoga in the West, and the 20th anniversary of
      the most Holy place I know, the LOTUS Shrine, will
      take place. I recommend that if it's at all possible,
      you see for your Self the light, love and joy that is shared
      when enlightened people from all religious traditions come
      together in peace and sister/brotherhood.
      Peace and blessingsw,
      Bob Rose, President,
      Meditation Society of America

      Here's the URL for further info:

      Tenative Schedule of Events

      7:30 PM - Homa at Kailash offered by Swami Maruthachalam.

      SATURDAY, 7 OCTOBER: 20th Anniversary of Sri Gurudev's Gift of LOTUS
      MORNING: Interfaith Service and Blessing of LOTUS.
      9:00 AM - Chanting, Welcome and Invocation.
      9:30 AM - Light of Truth Universal Service at Sivananda Hall.
      Native American - Mama Nataaska.
      African - Vera Oye Yaa-Anna.
      Sikhism - Mat Mandir Khalsa.
      Islam - Shaykh Noorudeen Durkee.
      Christianity - The Very Reverend James Parks Morton.
      Buddhism - Roshi Bernie Glassman.
      Taoism - Professor Paul Groner.
      Shinto - Swami Dayananda.
      Judaism - Rabbi Gershon Winkler.
      Hinduism - Swami Maruthachalam.
      Other Known Faiths
      10:30 AM - Message by The Very Reverend James Parks Morton.
      11:00 AM - at LOTUS.
      Joining hands around the Shrine.
      Blessing the Shrine with sacred water.
      12:00 noon - inside upper level of Shrine - Blessing with sacred water
      and Arati followed by Ritual in LOTUS All Faiths Hall.
      AFTERNOON: Interfaith Voices and Dance.
      3:00 - 4:15 PM: Interfaith Networking Panel with religious leaders.
      4:30 - 5:15 PM: Dances of Universal Peace by Latifa Kropf & Heena Reiter.
      EVENING: Interfaith Gala -7:30 PM.
      Chanting with Meera Kerr.
      Address by Rabbi Winkler and Music with Miriam.
      Address by Roshi Bernie Glassman.
      Bharatha Natyam Dance by Padmarani Rasiah Cantu.
      Christian Gospel music with Robert Cardwell.
      Address by Brother David Steindl-Rast (tentative)
      One Light, One World -a multimedia presentation by Rama Roosevelt.
      Interfaith Dance Ensemble - choreographed by Karen Attix.

      SUNDAY, 8 OCTOBER: 40th Anniversary of Sri Gurudev's Gift of Integral Yoga
      MORNING: Jai Gurudev Celebration: honoring Sri Gurudev's service in
      the fields of Yoga, education, the arts and medicine - 10:00 AM.
      Universal Prayer and Sannyas Bold sung by Vivekan Hunt.
      Integral Yoga in the West.
      Education - Presentation honoring Vidyalayam Graduates.
      Medical - Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dean Ornish.
      Arts - Music: Om Satchidananda with Meera Kerr.
      Four Decades documentary - The Service of Sri Gurudev in the West.
      Prasad Presentation.
      Sannyas Arati.
      AFTERNOON: Re-dedication of Chidambaram - 3:00 PM.
      Special puja offered by Swami Maruthachalam and Sri V. Karunananthan.
      Special guest speakers: Sri D. R. Kaarthikeyan and Sri K. Ramaswamy.
      EVENING: Integral Yoga Gala - 7:30 PM.
      The Woodstock Years - A Panel with Peter Max, Arjuna Zurbel, Swami
      Turiyasangitananda and Peter Petronio. Special message from Conrad
      Rooks (tentative).
      Journey into Satchidananda: Swami Turiyasangitananda and (tentative)
      Ravi Coltrane.
      Groovin' -'60s & '70s Music by Felix Cavaliere (the Rascals).
      The Master's Touch, a multimedia presentation.
      Video Message from Sri GurudevMinisters Arati.
      Ministers Arati.

      Integral Yoga Teachers Meeting.
      Integral Yoga Communications (Media, Public Relations) Meeting.
      Yogaville Self-Sufficiency Meeting.
      LUNCH: Closing Comments.
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