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  • rasatantra
    A FREE ONLINE LIBRARY - A NON-COMMERCIAL PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Dear moderators, Since we are non-sectarian scientists, we don t conform to any single
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006

      Dear moderators, Since we are non-sectarian scientists, we don't
      conform to any single religion to the exclusion of all the others. We
      herein present scriptural and scientific evidence to support the
      General Theory of Rasa Tantra or Hermetic Science. According to
      Scientific Method, this mountain of scriptural quotes and medical
      case histories comprise our "Secondary Analysis", which is the
      Evidence Warranting Experimental Research, in order to ascertain the
      veracity of these claims, presented in the scriptures of these many

      Faith is a two-edged sword: It enables us to have what we imagine,
      but, if our understanding is incorrect, it also can deceive us into
      imagining we have what we really in fact don't! After reading the
      entire Tantrayudha, I can only wonder about the "faith" of those who
      oppose this golden opportunity to enjoy a longer and happier life.
      Please be open-minded, and let's thoroughly investigate what is
      presented in the many volumes of The Tantrayudha, which is about the
      Science of Salvation from Suffering.

      The remarkable thing is that the world's major religious
      interpretations have less evidence to substantiate their claims than
      does Salvation Science! One must have the intelligence to know that
      the long tradition, great wealth and enormous numbers of followers of
      the world's major fundamentalist sectarian religions, do not verify,
      in any scientific way, their vague claims of Salvation, from what
      they haven't even yet thought about. Those who won't give, find it
      hard to receive. Like Jesus said: "Those who save their lives (by
      conforming to erroneous norms) will lose their lives. But those who
      lose their lives in saving lives, will save their lives". There is no
      security in falsehood.

      You who refuse to learn new things and can't tolerate change - This
      is not for you. To all the others, we send blessings in new chances
      to deciper and discover old mysteries, with a significant possibility
      for self-improvement and a general uplifting of society. The mind-set
      of the masses, determines what is written in the annals of history.
      God help the world which despises the Righteous Human Attributes of:
      Knowledge, Reason, Honesty, and Compassion, for such maniacs will
      write only horror scripts to be enacted on the stage of life, thus
      denegrating our history and ourselves. Jai Om. - Sw. Tantrasangha



      Whether we know it or not, the absence of this Holy Gnosis throughout
      the world, is the prime cause of unhappiness in our lives. To live
      without this Revealed Gospel of Salvation from Suffering, is
      a "throw-away" body in a disposable world! Like the Bible says: The
      devils, knowing their time is short, will "raise hell"! If our lives
      were healthier and longer, and satisfied by Higher Consciousness
      instead of by the hoarding of paltry possessions, then we might find
      the Salvation from Suffering, promised by the great masters, such as
      Our Beloved Lord Jesus.

      Our dear Elder has expressed the very highest desire, to preserve the
      Sanatana (Eternal) Dharma, so that souls will no longer be
      incarnating into a troublesome and unhappy world of the cheaters and
      the cheated. Take pity on the poor babies being born into this den of
      demons, devils hell-bent to dupe the new-born with false doctrines,
      which will only bring suffering. First, save the Message, and ensure
      it will continue on into the future, by saving it, copying it,
      publishing it, and distributing it.

      We must also revert to our pre-computer tactics of "hard copies" -
      paper copies which can survive an attack by Electro-Magnetic Pulse,
      or any other diminution in electronics and technology. Second, unless
      you are very wealthy, you must band together in groups, for the
      purpose of separating yourselves from the attacks of the unworthy, so
      that you might attain unto the long-sought Rebirth of Bioplasma and
      Spirit by Meiosis of a New Genome - to be "Born Again of water and
      Spirit", as Jesus called it.

      Like the Holy Bible promises: "I give you a white (philosopher's)
      stone (a purified body) with a new name (a new Genetic Code Genome),
      and nobody will know that Name but you". Ekongcar Sat Nam (One Om
      Body is the True Name or True Nature of God). As always, we speak not
      in the words which the ignorant don't understand and rhetoric whereby
      liars deceive, but we speak in terms of the Holy Gnosis, which is the
      actual meaning of the words. The label of the thing is not the thing
      itself. The Subjective God Within, is the longer and happier life,
      which must manifest within us, in order to attain Salvation from
      Suffering. Jai Om. - Sw. Tantrasangha



      Please save the website to disc for us, so that we can order a copy
      if needed. Thanks! - Elder


      I apologize to those of you who went to our website, only to be
      turned away by a sign saying we had exceeded our bandwidth. What that
      means is that you, the readers, have been entering the website in
      such numbers, we had to pay an additional fee, in order to handle the
      enormous traffic in there. And it is all free. It only costs me my
      time and money, and I am glad to do it, because it is the right thing
      to do. You should be able to get into the website now, to do some
      very serious reading.

      Some said they didn't like our Message. It doesn't matter if you like
      it or not. When presented with an opportunity to overcome so many
      sufferings, the only question should be: Does it work or not? Our
      Message is scripturally based, but was previously unknown to most of
      us. Therefore, this Knowledge re-emerges as several Experimental
      Theories. "Don't knock it till you have tried it." In other words,
      speculation about what would be the outcome of such experimental
      research, is often but a "foot-dragging" stalling tactic of those who
      don't want any of us to know if the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of
      God works or not.

      Such questions can only be answered by rational minds, using
      Scientific Method and Experimental Research. We all realize that some
      of our experimental therapies are difficult at best and distasteful
      at worst. We all agree about that. But only science can answer as to
      the benefits and efficacy of our Experimental Protocols - not idle
      armchair speculation. If any are offended by our message, I apologize
      in advance, but there was no other way to make this non-commercial
      public service announcement. I am an ascetic, reclusive sadhu, and I
      am not trying to recruit you or get your money.

      I apologize I cannot answer every post directed to me. All comments
      and queries should be emailed to me. Thank you, and I hope you
      benefit from the knowledge provided in the library at
      SalvationScience.com. We are completely non-sectarian, and quote
      from all scriptures of all the world's religions, without preference
      or prejudice. Any moderator who does not wish to post such a
      messages as this, might kindly and lovingly unsubscribe me from the
      group. Although we are a new competitior for the minds and hearts of
      the people, we are not trying to interfere with their free choice.
      Blessings to all! Jai Om. - Sw. Tantrasangha

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