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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Need a GURU or group in Herndon VA - - -

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  • prakki surya
    The Lord incarnates in all countries and preaches the same message simultaneously to all generations. All the scriptures of the world are the records of the
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 11, 2006
      The Lord incarnates in all countries and preaches the same message simultaneously to all generations. All the scriptures of the world are the records of the knowledge given by the same Lord and hence cannot contradict each other. Essentially the knowledge is the same. Correct interpretation will remove the contradiction. Comparison with other scriptures of the world will help in removing the corrupted portions in each scripture.
      Sufficiency of Single Incarnation: Depending on the requirement of language, area and communication facilities, there may be more human incarnations of God in one generation like few Professors are required. But, if the communication facilities have improved and if all countries can understand a single language like English, there is no need of a second Professor. I feel in the present human generation, in view of developed communication skills and uniform language, one human incarnation of God is sufficient at the highest level. The angels, who are at various levels like Readers and Lecturers always accompany Him. He always descends down along with the faculty of the department in every generation because the levels of the students cannot disappear even if the communication skills and universal language exist. Moreover the analytical capacity of the public is improved a lot due to fantastic development of science. The science of today is nothing but the Tarka Shastra of ancient time.
      Tsunami of Knowledge: The knowledge that is going to be revealed by the God in the single human form in the present generation is going to be tremendous reflecting all the scriptures and science from all the angles like a Tsunami covering from all sides. On the basis of the analysis of these present facts, I expect the existence of such human incarnation in this world in our generation. Such divine human incarnation’s (Satguru) knowledge washes out all the misinterpretations of the scriptures of all the religions and kick out the exploitations, resulting in the formation of the most ideal spiritual world as predicted by Nostradamus, who is famous astrologer of the world.
      Lord Datta means God given to the world in human form for the upliftment of humanity and hence, He is the highest as far as humanity is concerned from the point of convenience in worship. He is the only means of reaching/serving/pleasing the Lord. Lord Jesus stressed the same when He told ‘I am the only way’ and Lord Krishna said it through ‘Vasudevah Sarvamiti…’ in the Gita. Such, Lord in human form is called the human incarnation. The ‘I’ in the above statement of Jesus refers to the human incarnation of Lord only, who comes in every generation otherwise, He becomes partial for a generation of people, place and time. The scriptures of both Christianity & Hinduism i.e., Bible and Gita support the human incarnation concept through the statements ‘God-in-flesh and Manushim Tanumaasritam…’ respectively. Even in Islam also, Mohammed is treated as a Prophet, which definitely means, He is above normal human beings because all the human beings are not treated as Prophets. The worship of such contemporary human incarnation/Prophet gives the highest fruit as in the case of Hanuman (attained the post of future creator), who worshipped Lord Rama and Gopikas (attained Goloka), who worshipped Lord Krishna. Likewise, the disciples of Jesus, Mohammed Prophet, Buddha, Shankara, Mahavir, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Shirdi Sai worshipped the respective human incarnation only as Lord. Worship means not mere words and feelings, but by participating in His mission through service, which consists of donating money & physical service. His mission is only to spread the divine knowledge and devotion in this world and to uplift everybody.
      At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami

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