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Solution for sexual problems to avoid sin

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  • prakki surya
    dear friends The husband wants that his wife should not be attracted by other males, but he is attracted by other females. Similar is the case with wife.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2006

      dear friends 

      The husband wants that his wife should not be attracted by other males, but he is attracted by other females. Similar is the case with wife. Shri Rajaneesh attacked this issue in this way and such approach is only partial. What about the case in which one is attracted to the side while the other remains chaste? You cannot generalise the case of some people to all. Here is a person, who is very loyal to his wife but she is attracted by somebody else. Shri Rajneesh liberalized the concept by finding fault with the other side also. In general, he may be correct. But, what about a specific case? Ofcourse, this case may be otherwise, because tomorrow I may get a problem from a chaste wife complaining about her husband for his side attraction. Therefore, one should not misunderstand Me siding only chaste wives or only chaste husbands. The issue is if one side is chaste and the other side is not chaste, what should be the solution? The solution for this is again multi-dimensional and multi-stepped. First of all, I should question whether the marriage took place by the full consent of both the boy and girl. Sometimes the consent is given by boy or girl as a ‘no objection certificate’. But that is not sufficient for a marriage. It should have a positive certificate of intensive attraction towards each other. The attraction becomes permanent and real if it is based on the total personality. Mere physical appearance is only one factor. If the physical appearance alone is the basis, the love should reduce as the old age comes or if the appearance is spoiled by some illness or accident in life. Buddha was attracted to Amrapali in her old age to serve her!
      The husband or wife gets attracted by a better ‘total personality’ of opposite sex, whenever met in life. Mental attraction is hidden by several people by controlling their words. Words and actions of body are inert and do not participate in the sin. When this body, which spoke or did some wrong activity is left over here, the soul is taken to hell in some other energetic body, it is punished. If the body is a participant of the sin, it should be directly taken to hell and should be punished. Therefore, in the hell, the mind is punished through another new body. Therefore, the sin is in the mind and not in the body. Once the mental attraction is there, the sin is recorded. The words and actions of body are works of inert energy and matter and have no sin. When Sita was carried by Ravana, the body of Sita was fully touched by Ravana by force as per Valmiki Ramayana. This was referred by Sita, herself, (yadyaham gatra samsparsam…). But such attraction was not in her mind and therefore she was declared pure by fire- God (Agni). Renuka got mental attraction towards a king on the banks of Narmada river and she did not touch him even by finger. But she was declared as sinner and her head was cut by her son, Parasurama. Therefore, after marriage, to get attracted by another person is a sin and the soul is punished in the hell. If the other side is also not chaste, will the sin get mutually cancelled and so no punishment to any one? No. Both will be punished in the hell. Therefore, the philosophy of Shri Rajneesh in this point does not save the soul in any way.
      To get rid of such sin and the consequent hell, the control of mind cannot be the true path, which is impossible. Some control food, but it is not a permanent solution because such feelings (samskaras) are precipitated from several millions of births. You cannot control the mind through the body, when the mind (samskara) is controlling your body. Such precipitated samskara, called as prakruti or nature acquired from millions of births, decides the course of action finally as said in the Gita (prakrutistvaam niyokshyati…, Prakrutim yanti …). The only permanent and real solution for this is to realize the real aim of the human life and turn to God. The attraction towards God is like a mega-tsunami in which the side attraction towards another personality disappears like a flood of river. No other side attraction can exist, when the divine personality of God appears. This attraction is totally different since it is the bond between God and soul and not a bond between souls. There is no aspect of male or female here. Rama went for golden deer, even though Lakshmana tried to stop Him. Here it appears as if Rama is more attracted by the female devotee compared to a male devotee. No. It is the climax of His love on the soul of Sita only and not on her body. The same Rama said to stop the war and was prepared to leave the life when Lakshmana became unconscious in the war. Here Rama neglected Sita before Lakshmana. This context shows the love of the Lord on the soul of Lakshmana, irrespective of the external body. In such tsunami of love on Lord, both justice and injustice disappear. If one realises this divine knowledge he attains the Lord and crosses both good and bad (Buddhiyogam tam yenamaaam, Buddhyaa yukto, Buddhiyukto jahatiha ubhe …the Gita). Both the hell and heaven are thrown out when you approach the divine Lord as said in the Veda (Punyapaape vidhuya…).
      At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami

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