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Re: Meditation advice.

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  • Jeff Belyea
    ... Hi Batman, ... Sure. ... My (ideal) is 24/7 of Quiet Awareness . I practice a couple of Kriya Yoga methods - paying attention to the breathing process,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 19, 2006
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Adam West"
      <adamwest1@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jeff,

      Hi Batman,

      > May I ask you a couple of questions?
      > (1) What meditation method do you practice?

      My (ideal) is 24/7 of "Quiet Awareness". I practice a couple
      of Kriya Yoga methods - paying attention to the breathing process,
      noticing when inhaling and when exhaling, and find myself using a
      method that is called by several different names - with the tip of
      the tongue touching the roof of the mouth. I write "find myself
      using" because I frequently notice that I am using this method,
      without any conscious effort or intent.
      > (2) What meditation tradition do you most identify with and find
      to be of greatest harmony with you personal spiritual experiences?

      A method that evolved out of the above and "packaged" as The Mystic
      Heart Meditation is one that I use and teach. This is a succession
      of Quiet Awareness (QA), then Breath Awareness (BA) and
      subtle "listening" for the "wisdom whisper" without words from Heart
      Awareness (HA). The mantra Q'Baha is used for the first few seconds
      or minutes of this when sitting for a "formal" meditation time with
      this method.
      > (3) What meditation practice and tradition do you recommend to
      genuine aspirants of self-realisation?

      Adam, I think that a good meditation teacher, preferably an Awakened
      or Self-Realized teacher is important. There are many methods that
      will work for the "genuine aspirant". It seems a matter of finding
      the right teacher and the right setting. I recommend that an aspirant
      pay particular attention to a "resonance in their heart" when they
      listen to, read teachings from, or even see a photograph of an
      Awakened Teacher.
      > (4) Would you consider providing a few URL's to sites whose
      content is consistent with the answers to the above questions?


      > Many thanks for your generous assistance!

      My pleasure.
      > In kind regards,
      Regards back,

      > Adam.
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