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Join the Peace Choir to sing in concert on 9-11-2006

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  • Dale E. Moore
    Please help me gather the Peace Choir to sing in concert on 9-11-2006, a Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. There are two reasons why 9-11 is the most important date
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2006
      Please help me gather the Peace Choir to sing in concert on 9-11-2006,
      a Monday evening at 7:30 p.m.

      There are two reasons why 9-11 is the most important date this year to
      gather the Peace Choir and sing peace into the world.

      Five years ago on 9-11 tragedy changed the world forever when the twin
      towers of the World Trade Center fell.

      One hundred years ago, 9-11-1906, Mahatma Gandhi and his followers
      launched the first campaign of Satyagraha at a meeting in the Empire
      Theater in Johannesburg, South Africa. Satyagraha was Gandhi's method
      of active resistance based on the principles of courage, nonviolence,
      and truth. Satyagraha ended British colonialism in India, and
      provided Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a foundation for the Civil
      Rights Movement in this country.

      This year Ela Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's granddaughter, is planning to
      commemorate the birth of Satyagraha with an event in the original
      location in S. A. (South Africa.) In conjunction, we plan the U.S.
      event in our own S. A. (San Antonio.) We will begin with a theatrical
      reenactment of what took place one hundred years ago. (This is
      accurately depicted in the film Gandhi, about 25 minutes from the
      beginning.) Since much of the action involved Gandhi on a stage in
      dialog with members of the audience, those who attend will feel as
      though they are participating in the original event. The meeting in
      1906 ended with the audience rising to their feet and singing.

      At this point in our program the Peace Choir will rise from their
      seats in the Theater and walk toward the stage, singing. Accompanied
      by a full band, we will raise our voices to create a vision of peace
      in the world. (Do you have goose bumps yet?)

      At our last concert on April 1, we had about 70 singers in the Peace
      Choir. Participants ranged in age from four to 82, and entire
      families sang together. My goal for 9-11 is to have over 100 singers
      from a wide diversity of backgrounds, representing the idea that
      everyone has a stake in creating peace. I want to include singers of
      every age group, race, religion, class, political persuasion, national
      origin, etc. Professional musicians as well as amateurs will be
      participating, but NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY, just a willingness to
      sing from the heart.

      This is how we will begin the second hundred years of Satyagraha: We
      will honor the power of nonviolence to transform the world,
      remembering the World Trade Center tragedy in light of the words of
      Dr. Martin Luther King: "We must evolve for all human conflict a
      method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation."

      We will challenge ourselves on 9-11-2006 to pursue peaceful solutions
      to problems like 9-11-2001 using the nonviolent approach born on
      9-11-1906. Dr. King said, "Peace is not merely a distant goal that we
      seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal…We must pursue
      peaceful ends through peaceful means."

      I say again: I believe that music is magic. I believe that music can
      work miracles. I believe that music can help us remake the world.

      Here's how Pete Seeger said it in 1992: "A key to the future is mass
      participation. `If the people lead, eventually the leaders will
      follow' says the bumper sticker on our car…Now we see serious
      problems...But we also have electronic tools of communication…Within
      the next few decades billions of people will be teaching things to
      each other, things that we've got to learn, if this world is to
      survive. And much of our learning will be through the arts,
      overleaping barriers of language, overleaping barriers of hate and
      misunderstanding…Hardworking people in every land ask why $130 million
      a minute can be spent every day and every night throughout this world
      on guns, bombs, poison gas, armaments of all sorts, and yet leaders in
      every country tell their people that there is no more money for
      schools nor for health, nor for saving the planet from death.

      "Against such a background, what can songs do? I'll stand by what
      I've written before. Songs penetrate hard shells…If we bring life to
      them, they will bring life to us and to our children. And to our
      children's children's children."

      Singing together with a diverse bunch of peace-minded people on
      9-11-2006 can be an important step in creating a peaceful world for
      our "children's children's children." By learning to sing together we
      provide a powerful demonstration of our innate human capacity to learn
      how to accomplish any goal by working together.

      Please go to the website www.songsofpeace.org to read the comments of
      those who participated in the Peace Choir in April, to find the
      Express-News article about the event, and to begin learning the music
      for 9-11-06.

      Details, details, details:

      1. Only one rehearsal is necessary, although you are welcome to
      attend more if you would like. Rehearsals will last one hour and will
      be scheduled in different locations throughout the city beginning in

      2. No experience is necessary and singers do not have to read music.

      3. Admission to the concert is free for those who sing in the
      choir. At the rehearsals, singers will each receive a free ticket and
      will be able to purchase additional tickets at a discount. (Tickets
      at the door will be $15, $10 for students.)

      4. Most of the music for the concert will be taken from the peace
      CDs "Peace Is Our Birthright" and "Increase the Peace." Go to the
      website www.songsofpeace.org. Click on the Peace Choir link to find
      which songs will be included and to read the lyrics. Click where it
      says "To Listen" to go to CD Baby where you can hear the first two
      minutes of every song. Sing along!

      5. At the concert, the choir will be accompanied by a full band,
      with soloists singing some parts. Music will alternate with speakers
      for the 9-11 program.

      How you can help:

      1. Organize a group from your family, church, neighborhood,
      workplace, political organization, school, etc., to join the Peace
      Choir together.

      2. Contact me to arrange a rehearsal in August. I will be willing
      to bring a rehearsal to your group if a dozen or more participants
      have signed up. (See attachment for a sign-up sheet.)

      3. Forward this email to everyone you think might be interested.

      4. Announce the 9-11-06 event at the organizations in which you
      participate, directing people to the www.songsofpeace.org website.

      5. Invite people to attend the program on 9-11.

      6. Sponsor the event by sending a tax-deductible donation. Checks
      can be made out to "peaceCENTER" and mailed to 1443 S. St. Mary's, San
      Antonio, TX 78210, Attn: Susan. Reply to this email for more
      information about sponsorship.

      I believe that music is magic. I believe that music can work
      miracles. I believe that music can help us remake the world. Thanks
      for believing with me that singing for peace is important.

      Dana Clark

      Board of Directors, San Antonio peaceCENTER
      Local Task Force Leader, A Season for Nonviolence
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