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You, God, and Meditation

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    You, God, and Meditation by Kir Li Molari For whatever reason, your inner chatterer/mind has fooled you into thinking that you can do things and are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2006
      You, God, and Meditation
      by Kir Li Molari
      For whatever reason, your inner chatterer/mind has fooled you into
      thinking that you can do things and are responsible for your actions
      and reactions, and that you are apart from God and something less than
      an eternal, infinite form and experience of consciousness. This
      illusionary box you seem to be in is not who you are. God is using
      your eyes to see Her/His creation, your ears to listen to it, your
      body to touch it, your nose to smell it, your tongue to taste and talk
      to it, your emotions to feel it and your brain to think about it. Just
      as one cell is a part of your body and carries on a unique function,
      you are a vehicle that is an integral part of all creation, a part of
      God and carry on a unique activity that no other form does. And like a
      cell, you arise, serve a function, and then die and are reabsorbed
      into the whole, and change into another collection of sub-atomic and
      atomic particles and assume a new form and function. Whether there is
      reincarnation or not, for now, as you have a human body, you have been
      given a great Grace, and that is to be permitted to be a Witness to
      your life moment to moment. And that is the same thing that God is
      doing. For us, "free will" is the option of having your mind spend
      your time in this body focusing on what is, or on what was (or more
      accurately what might have been as our memories are always
      possibly/probably misinterpreted ones), or on what will be (or more
      accurately what might be, as we have no real way to accurately know
      what lies ahead). It has been said that when you take the will out of
      free will, you are free. The reality of all thing in all ways is that
      "Thy (God's) will be done", and this realization takes all pressure
      off of us to do or not do this or that, or to decide if something is
      good or bad, or any and all of the other dualities our mind can
      conjure up. Will-less, knowing we are not and can not "do" anything,
      and the freedom this brings, comes when our inner chatterer ceases its
      ongoing first Yin and then Yang dialog. Meditation is the best vehicle
      to place our Self in position to have the inner silence that brings
      with it the ability/grace to witness what is. And with this in
      (no)mind, if you can "do" anything, the thing to do is to stop being a
      fool and tool of your inner chattering mind and to silence it with
      whatever meditation technique "works" for you. Here's how to judge if
      it works: if it brings you peace, it does, and if it doesn't bring you
      peace, it isn't working and it would benefit you to try a different
      type of meditation technique. Our web site, Meditation Station
      http://www.medeitationsociety.com offers dozens of different
      meditation methods and concepts, and there are many other web sites,
      books, CD's, teachers, etc. who share many other techniques. Whatever
      one you find the most natural and beneficial should be practiced
      regularly and with great effort and intention. This has greater
      potential to lead to an effortless intensive witnessing of what is
      than any other thing you can do. Feel free to will this to happen.
      There is no better thing you can do for your SelfÂ…so help me God!
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