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Re: When the thing you want to heal from....

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  • Jeff Belyea
    The trouble (troubled mind) begins when you start prescribing specific attributes to supposedly spiritual people. It is not a matter of trying to live a
    Message 1 of 3 , May 26, 2006
      The trouble (troubled mind) begins
      when you start prescribing specific
      attributes to "supposedly spiritual"
      people. It is not a matter of "trying"
      to live a moral and ethical life.
      When one is immersed in the spiritual
      life, there is a kindness and
      compassion that is apparent - as you
      have described (as opposed to
      prescribed). But we are where we
      are in our own individual stages
      of development. This woman did not
      act against you. She used whatever
      strategy she needed to survive.
      Her strategy may have been flawed
      and selfish, but it was what she
      decided for herself.

      You write of this woman as though
      she were your possession - your
      "creation" even, who was programmed
      by you to live up to your expectations.

      This does not discount the pain
      you are in, but you are rehearsing
      the pain and giving it continued
      life in the form of anger and
      harsh judgment (both of your fair lady
      and the bastard).

      You might look at your contribution
      to the series of events, take some
      responsiblity what happened "to you",
      and then...return to meditation.

      At 31, you are still short of a
      maturation leap that will let you
      forgive and "return" to the joy and
      understanding of the gift of life
      and every breath. Meditation can
      be the bridge (or parachute, to
      stay true to the metaphor) to
      this maturation leap.

      Meditation may not change events,
      or flowers, but it does change
      perspective and appreciation
      for the natural beauty of life
      ...and roses and tulips, and
      fertilizer even.

      Continuing the internal chatter
      about this woman and what she did
      to you is not meditation. Meditation
      is silent, and draws on an inner
      wisdom without words. Meditation
      will melt the past, reveal the
      wisdom of forgiveness (for both
      yourself and this woman), and
      restore your life to a positive

      Find a good mediation teacher and let
      them guide you to the real rewards
      of meditation.

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