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global warming film, "An Inconvenient Truth"

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      RE: A personal message from Adam Engle

      Dear Mark:

      Two weeks ago I went to a private screening of Al Gore's new film, "An
      Inconvenient Truth". In this film, Mr. Gore sets out the facts about
      global warming in a very skillful and clear manner. The film is
      hopeful and argues that we still have time to avert an oncoming catastrophe
      if we, as a culture, face the facts and act responsibly.

      Mr. Gore explained that for the film to have maximum effectiveness as a
      tool for change, it is important for people to see the film when it
      just opens in their communities. The first few days are critical. This
      will greatly extend the run of the film in the theaters. He asked us to
      see the film when it opens in our communities and bring five friends.

      I am passing this request from Mr. Gore forward to you. The film opens
      today in selected theaters, and will continue to open in theaters
      around the country in the coming month. I am asking you to go see the film
      when it opens in your community and take five family members and

      You can visit this website to find the opening date and theater near


      Many thanks,

      Adam Engle
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      Dear friends may each one of us become living embodiments of peace,

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