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Re: childhood meditation

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    ... meditate. ... Yo Pickleji, We have had many kids your son s age among the 4000+ students we have had in the 18 years we have taught meditation classes at
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 26, 2006
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      > My twelve year old son has expressed interest in learning to
      > Does anybody have advice for me concerning this issue?
      Yo Pickleji,
      We have had many kids your son's age among the
      4000+ students we have had in the 18 years we have
      taught meditation classes at continuing education
      programs in the Philly area. Similarly, I now
      do some teaching with the group of 40 teen "behavior
      problem" girls I work with daily. Some have done very
      well in a group setting and we have also had
      some that did best in individual or small groups.
      Most seemed to benefit from guided meditations and
      many from relaxation of body parts-type techniques.
      Breathing techniques have brought great focus and
      serenity to some, and mantra's have also worked
      best for many of them. Almost everyone that I've
      shared Dr H. Benson's Relaxation Response with has
      found it to be very calming. So, I think it depends
      on what your boy finds he's most comfortable with.
      As I do with adults, I suggest that he checks out our
      web site's Archive section and actually tries any
      of the techniques that he feels drawn to. I expect
      he will be able to grasp the "how-to" instructions
      without difficulty. It is my experience that many
      young people have a greater ability to focus better
      than adults and thus have an easier time of learning
      to meditate. There may be a validity in the formula
      that states that the longer the time we have had no
      control over our thoughts, feelings, and actions,
      the longer it may be before gaining the Self-Control
      benefit of meditation. In any event, there is no
      better thing you can do for him, or he can do for
      himself than learn meditation (and actually do it!).
      I wish you well.
      Peace and blessings,
      Bob Rose, President,
      Meditation Society of America
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