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    Hi Martin, Welcome to our group. Excuse me for LOL (laughing out loud) when I read your post. This is THE major problem for everyone and must have been talked
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 28, 2002
      Hi Martin,

      Welcome to our group.

      Excuse me for LOL (laughing out loud) when I read your post. This is THE
      major problem for everyone and must have been talked about millions of times
      over many thousands of years. I guess there are enough hints and suggestions
      to fill several books. I believe the best ones are those people have
      actually tried and have found to work. I think I have lost count of the
      techniques I have tried, most work at a superficial level. This fact might
      be a hint as to a good approach.

      When you try a technique, you might find that it works for a while then
      gradually becomes less effective. Most people will then try another
      technique and the cycle simply repeats itself. The problem, I feel, is that
      we see meditation as a separate activity from the rest of our lives. Once
      you break the separation, you see more clearly how the rest of your life
      influences your meditation. Notice how most of your "mind chatter" revolves
      around things that have happened to you during the past few days. In the
      same way our day to day life influences our meditation, we need to allow our
      meditation to influence our day to day life.

      If we can carry over our meditation stillness into our day to day life, that
      too will become more peaceful. As our day to day life becomes calmer, we
      will experience less mind chatter during our meditation for the simple
      reason that there will be less activity for the mind to work upon.

      So, my suggestion would be to develop the habit of making more and more
      decisions that bring more and more calmness into your day to day life. The
      act of meditating is one such decision. The practice of developing greater
      inner body awareness throughout the day is another. (For instance, notice
      how many times during the day you can become aware of your breathing - that
      act of breath awareness will bring tremendous calm to you any time of day).
      Your general spiritual development is another great source of peace.

      In the long run, day to day calmness will bring greater calmness and less
      mind chatter during your meditation by gradually draining the fuel that the
      mind feeds on. Most of the techniques you can use while you meditate are
      what I will term "quick fixes". They generally work at a superficial level.
      It is useful to know them and use them occasionally, but you still need to
      work at the deeper level for the more fundamental changes that change your
      whole life.

      Look forward to hearing how you progress.


      PS - Your post almost encourages me to re-start my daily meditation journal
      posts - you might find my mind chatter experiences quite funny, almost as
      funny as trying to control your own mind!

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      Dear Group,

      My name is Martin, I´m from Liverpool in the northwest of England. I´m 22
      years old and have been meditating on and off for a few years now. Recently
      I have begun following an Hermetics course and meditation and discipline of
      thought is important for this course, so I have taken to meditating at least
      once a day now.

      One of the exercises in the course is to achieve ´vacancy of mind´-
      something which is common to many meditation traditions as far as I am
      aware - emptiness of mind. I am having a little difficulty with this, as my
      auditory thoughts, my internal dialogue is difficult for me to control and I
      was wondering if anyone in this group has any hints or suggestions for me.

      Thanks a lot,


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