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  • Jeff Belyea
    When? Life is filled with whens . When will I find peace of mind? When will the check come in? When is enough enough? When should I make my move? When will he
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2006

      Life is filled with "whens".

      When will I find peace of mind?
      When will the check come in?
      When is enough enough?
      When should I make my move?
      When will he shut up?

      Hundreds more could come to mind.

      Easter brings up reflection of one:

      When will Christ return?

      Yeow, that's a big question.
      A nonsense question for some.
      Cause for constant watchtower
      duty for many others. The subject
      is of long-standing debate.

      Here's my Easter basket of
      Two Cents Worth:

      In the gospel of John, Jesus
      said that he and "His Father"
      would come and make their
      abode within our hearts.
      He said that this abiding would
      happen in a "spiritual" way -
      a way that the "world" could not see.

      (Jesus had responded to questions
      about the Kingdom of Heaven, with
      "the Kingdom is within").

      So, it can be reasoned that Jesus
      was talking about a level of
      consciousness, or what Paul later
      referred to as "The Mind of Christ"
      that we are able to, or would
      come to "put on".

      And Jesus added, that his
      "return" would happen before
      "this generation has passed away".

      At Pentecost, reportedly about
      40 days after Jesus' death on the
      cross, an event is described about
      how 120 people were "filled with
      The Holy Spirit…and spoke of
      the wonderful works of God."

      Peter, one of the disciples, seemed
      especially enthusiastic about now
      "Knowing" that Jesus was the sender
      of this gift…of knowing God, and
      knowing our Oneness within God.

      One opinion (of mine) is that this
      event was the `return" of Christ.
      That he "sent" the Holy Spirit, the
      startling rush of wisdom, the
      Awakening, that brings the realization
      that not only was Jesus consciously
      able to say, "The Father and I are
      One…if you've seen me you've
      seen the Father," but that all who
      come to this Nondual Realization
      are able to say (Know) the same -
      exclusive of theism, even.

      For those whose hearts resonate
      with the words from Paul's writing
      that "When Christ died, I died. When
      he was resurrected, I was resurrected.
      It is no longer I who lives, but Christ,"
      They may have already experienced
      Christ's "return" and are the empowered
      witnessed and light bearers of the
      eventually of Christ's reign on earth -
      not the person, Jesus, but the level
      of consciousness he spoke of (when
      we can resist the anthropomorphic
      model) in his teachings.

      Another, possibly more expansive
      opinion (of mine, again), is that the
      return of Christ is the "return" of
      Christ Consciousness - the natural
      (Mother Nature's) unfolding of the
      eventual evolutionary transformation
      of all of humankind to a new level
      of consciousness of the nondual
      reality…and peace at last.

      When? God knows.
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