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Question about false Guru's/ false Gods

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Hi ! I am xxx . I was born and bought up in India and am now living in Canada. I am really impressed by your website on Meditation. The purpose of writing this
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      Hi !
      I am xxx . I was born and bought up in India and am now living in
      I am really impressed by your website on Meditation. The purpose of
      writing this mail to you is to focus your attention on the Sahaja
      Yoga. I hope you must heard about it.
      You can know more about that on the website www.sahajayoga.org . In
      this type of meditation the founder that is Mata Nirmala Devi used to
      say that meditate in front of my photograph. She has given the name
      vibration to the sensation we feel in the form of coolness in the
      palm's and over head. It is true that people do that feel the coolness
      in the head and palm's while meditating. But She used to say that it
      is the flow of energy from her to the people who are doing that. I
      know She is making fools of the common people. By saying that She is a
      If you go through her website and see also the miracle photograph's
      then u can imagine. How She is making fools of common people who do
      not know about meditation.
      Please write me . What is the truth and scientific reason's behind her
      techniques. that she used to say as .vibrations
      What is the truth of vibrations.
      I hope u will reply me soon.
      Thanking you.
      Yours Sincerely

      Dear xxx,
      I too have gone to her site, saw the claims, checked it out, but had
      no reaction. This doesn't mean that someone else couldn't find
      something there that had spiritual value. I did witness myself having
      skeptical thoughts, but chose not to dwell on them. I sent out my
      hopes and prayers for the founder, and everyone who follows her, that
      what she is doing is righteous. I must point out though, that being
      involved with her isn't necessarily "bad" even if, as you have said
      "She is making fools of the common people". I have had the experience
      of learning alot from "false gurus". The word Guru, loosely
      translated, means "remover of darkness, bringer of light", and just to
      see how vulnerable people are to promises of spiritual gain in
      whatever form it may come, would be a great insight, and in a way,
      have illuminated our understanding. But, we must have discrimination.
      When we look at the tragedies of those who blindly followed Jim Jones,
      the Hale-Bopp people, Charles Manson, and many others, we can't
      understand how they could have allowed themselves to be so mislead.
      They were all lead to believe that they would benefit from following
      their Guru's instructions, and all of the Guru's directed them to
      treat them as if they were God or God's representative, and the
      followers "fell for it" and had a terrible ending. Unimaginable
      gullibility to us, faith to them. So, we must be wise in opting to
      follow a Guru. The "real" Guru is everpresent in us in every moment,
      and the One who leads us to finding the eternal, divine Truth that is
      present in the silence of our own hearts is who is appropriate to
      follow. The technique given may differ...It may come from looking at
      a picture of a saint, from questioning "Who am I", from chanting the
      name of God, from some type of meditation, and so on. But the result
      will always be greater lasting peace. It's easy to get a rush of
      temporary bliss (even Baskin-Robbins Rocky Road ice cream has been
      known to bring this about), but when we find a real peace, that can be
      called "Good". And when we find that something is taking our peace
      away, and that would include the aching for bliss (which every Heroin
      junkie experiences), that can be called "Bad". And often, great
      charismatic figures do generate certain temporary sensations in
      people, but we must be wise in appreciating the value of these
      "vibrations". We should be asking ourselves "Are they really letting
      me find and know the Divine Reality within, or are they further adding
      illusionary dreams to the already mysterious drama that is known as
      they play of Maya?"
      I wish you well.
      Peace and blessings,
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