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answer to mirela

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    ... Hi and Namaste - M: i m Mirela and i recently joined your group. (i hope ... G: and why would anyone mind? that is the reason for it s existance... M:
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 22, 2002
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, mirela basa
      <basamirela@y...> wrote:

      > Hi,
      Hi and Namaste -

      M:> i'm Mirela and i recently joined your group. (i hope
      > you don't mind!)

      G: and why would anyone mind? that is the reason for it's

      M: I have been reading some of your conversations and i must say
      that this is the Universe i want to be part of -- even if it's just
      my mind who says that -- i don't know how old these conversations
      > are, but I have noticed that everyone has (kind of) the same
      opinion about THE MIND.

      G: opinions are of a relative nature due to the colorizations of your
      experience... birds of a feather flock together...

      M: who is speaking than, another mind? What i don't understand is why
      are the people looking for answers outside them... I strongly
      > believe that all the answers are within us and all that we have to
      do it's just to be honest with ourselves and honestly recognise what
      we are feeling.

      G: do you think the answers are found in feeling? feeling is the
      outcome of past experience... and can you Really be honest with
      yourself when you are driven by past conditionings and mindsets which
      have come by building one incident upon another? or is that simply
      the ego self having its way and calling it sight and insight?
      Feelings as well as mind are transient and changing ....

      M: > I don't believe that we are the Infinite and i don't believe
      that we are God... i believe that the control is in our head,
      brain... that the mind is the most powerful "creature" on the Earth.

      G: is the brain the mind? or is it simply a computer and
      waystation that processes the input of mind into a viable seen
      affair? you may not *believe* that we are Infinite or God but then
      again a belief is Not a KNOWN but simply a conjecture and a suspected
      thing... so if you know that the answers are within then i suggest
      you go fully Within and not simply go the cursory intellectual
      surfing of i *believe* for that and a $1 will get you a cup of coffee
      and no more.... it won't give you peace or wisdom...

      M: There's gotta be some divisions of the mind, as the soul is in the
      mind too, and it may seem that there's more than just one (the mind!)
      G: you say it may seem .... so in this statement once again it shows
      conjecture... you do not Know for sure... so go within and find

      M: > Dear Godfrey, which is the comfort zone? Where do you
      > start exploring?

      G: ah now THAT is an intellegent question... start by becoming
      aware of how transient and fleeting are the thoughts and feelings...
      what substance do they have and how do they move your existance?

      M: > hope to hear from you,
      > Mirela

      G: hope you understand the wisdom and girth that is being expressed
      towards your liberation ...

      shanti om ..g...

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