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The Ultimate Meditation Experience

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  • Jeff Belyea
    (Inspired by the tea cup story.) Those who learn meditation as a relaxation technique and seek only a means of stress management will find meditation uniquely
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2006
      (Inspired by the tea cup story.)

      Those who learn meditation as a
      relaxation technique and seek
      only a means of stress management
      will find meditation uniquely

      For those who come to meditation
      in response to a deep intuitive
      sense of "something missing"
      in their lives, or in some cases
      a desperate longing for peace
      of mind - those who seek
      enlightenment, the ultimate
      meditation experience - and
      remain unsatisfied, you may
      be open to the following:

      (Please keep in mind that
      this teaching uses a model, a
      paradigm, for expressing what
      cannot really be put into words.
      So, terms like, "guru, astral,
      causal, Source, enlightenment"
      are mere conveniences for the
      sake of communication.)

      Why are many not enlightened, after
      years and years of seeking, and time
      with a guru or many gurus (teachers,
      if you prefer)?

      First, a little history of how
      guru comes to be guru:

      When some fully enlightened ones
      die to this physical realm, they
      become one with the light being who
      is a singular being, yet composed of
      all enlightened beings, past, present
      and future (beyond time), on the astral

      Actually, if they are guru, they
      are already infused with the light
      while living, as we all are, but
      guru is awakened to this truth by
      direct experience and is consciously
      aware of this infusion.

      Other enlightened ones merge
      immediately with Source upon physical
      death. This same scenario is reflected
      on the early plane as a "preview"
      for guru - enlightened ones who are
      empowered to be darkness (gu)
      remover (ru) - teachers.

      All enlightened ones living on earth have
      "visited" the astral plane and merged
      with Source as a "living" experience.
      (More accurately, it is a dying
      experience - the death of a wrongly
      held previous idea of who they were,
      and the re-birth of their True identity).

      Some enlightened ones speak of
      encountering the astral light being.
      Others report (or recall) only merging
      with Source.

      All living enlightened ones, those
      who have entered nirvikalpa samadhi (were
      consciously filled with The Holy Spirit,
      or whatever term fits your tradion),
      passed through this astral plane and into the
      causal presence of Source, were absorbed
      in the Divine Love that is Source, merged
      with Source, and then returned to earthly
      living, become guru. They are guides
      for those who come to them for teaching.
      They speak from direct personal experience -
      the only way of truly Knowing Source.

      Some present themselves openly as guru,
      others serve their purpose in more
      subtle ways, but they know they must
      share the awesome Truth of Enlightenment,
      and they do in some way...for the remainder
      of their physical lives, in virtually
      everything they do. Most use theistic
      language, because of the "spiritual"
      sense of their experience, and some
      do not use theistic language. The
      parallels are obvious to enlightened
      ones, in any event.

      Guru has been "baptized" with fire and
      power. They have died to self and now
      live only to serve as empowered witnesses
      of the Truth of Enlightenment - for those
      who are drawn to find a teacher and a
      guide to their own awakening, realization
      and enlightenment.

      If a guru is a bodhisattva (by any name),
      they will return "full time" (beyond
      time) to the astral plane upon physical
      death, and "usher" into the causal plane,
      those whose incarnations on earth have
      finally brought them to enlightenment...
      until all sentient beings are enlightened.
      That is the core of their "vow".
      Jesus is such a one.

      Guru is already consciousnly one
      with the astral light being, while
      still in the physical body on earth.
      Yet, of course, they are seen
      in their physical body. For those
      who, as Jesus said, have "ears to
      hear", they speak of the Truth
      that you are reading here.

      It may be this "light" that guru
      has been infused with that is
      the empowering catalyst - known
      by some as "transmission", as in when
      a seeker, a sincere student, reaches
      the point of emptying their mind
      of concepts and "empties their cup",
      that the Knowing of the Guru may
      be transmitted to them - taking
      them to the astral plane, and
      possibly into the causal plane
      of Source and full enlightenment.

      There is an intermediary step,
      known as the unitive experience
      that some experience as a clarity
      of the perfect harmony of all that
      "Is" that precedes entrance into
      the astral plane. Some experience
      this as a "whisper" from God, a
      knowing of divine presence. Others
      experience this as a "naturalness",
      an "Of course!" as if the harmony
      had been there all the time, and
      now they Know it. Many have
      experienced this without a guru -
      or their guru has been a sunrise,
      an "out of the blue" awakening
      (of sorts) in a variety of settings.

      Some see this unitive experience
      as "all there is" and so the debates
      about enlightenment, and guru, and
      transmission go on. But that's another
      chapter. This email is already way
      too long.

      Gurus' "Knowing" and therefore
      their teaching, is that enlightenment
      is the destiny of humankind. They do not
      know the time or the "schedule" of
      the fulfillment of this destiny, and many
      gurus, in their bliss and enthusiasm
      for this full enlightenment of all
      sentient beings, seem to over-promise
      that enlightenment is available to
      all who seek it. This is seen in the
      many seekers who have spent time
      with gurus and walked away disappointed,
      as well as those who profess desperate
      longing, yet after years with a guru
      (or a string of gurus) are still not
      awakened, realized or enlightened.

      Guru "Knows" of the availability,
      of the inherent ability, in all
      who seek to satisfy their longing,
      but the secondary identity (ego)
      often interprets the guru's teachings
      as some profession of personal power
      or pretense, and so does not surrender
      their own ego to the teachings -
      even though they may say that they do.
      They know in their hearts if this
      is so, or not. So does guru.

      This (ego) is the final stumbling block
      to enlightenment. After years and
      years of accepting a secondary identity
      (this physical body and the linear
      thought processes), it is difficult;
      in fact impossible for most, to defer
      to the possibility that there is
      some "Power" or "Knowing" or "Source"
      that is great than their seemingly
      separate individual self. And so,
      they do not take the final leap,
      the final surrender, the ultimate
      laying down of their lives, in order
      to be "born again" to their primary
      identity as already merged with Source.

      To add some clarity here: the "final
      surrender" is a sacrifice of even the
      seeking - the longing to Know, to be
      enlightened. Everything, every thought,
      is laid down in complete and utter
      willingness to "die" to Know.

      This teaching can be confusing, and is
      often taught as, "one should not seek",
      or that "the seeking is the problem,
      because you are already enlightened".
      But without awakening and realization
      of the enlightenment, it is not Known
      to conscious perception.

      Guru can only offer the Truth that
      Guru Knows. When the student is ready
      the guru will come into their life.
      There is a huge distinction between
      the student who is ready and the
      student who "wishes" they were ready.

      Rare few are ready. Many wish they
      were ready. Some come to meditation,
      as a way to reduce stress or learn
      to relax, only to find a deeper longing
      within, and they come to the startling
      realization that they are on a quest
      to know an ineffable something, that
      "something missing"...and they become

      Ready or not?

      Sundays with Papajeff
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