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  • aideenmck
    ... Thanks so much for your reply. It s not so much a heavy bag as it is a sore that I perversely enjoy picking at. I intend to stop!
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2006
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      > Here's the question (the meditation technique mentioned
      > from our site can be found at:
      > http://www.meditationsociety.com/week24.html
      > I have much difficulty letting go of resentment,
      > self-pity re people in my past. Looking at (for example)
      > meditation # 91, how can one apply this to people long deceased?
      > Here's the answer I emailed, and if you have any comments or other
      > things you'd like to add, I'm sure they will be welcomed:
      > Hi,
      > I hadn't checked out #91 in a long time. It is actually
      > one we used to do often in class, and many people
      > remembered deceased people (mostly parents) who had
      > caused them suffering. The same rule of thumb applies -
      > have compassion for them. Even though they no longer
      > have physical bodies, they still have some form of "body"
      > within you. One added idea is to remember that they are no
      > longer here and can't add to the pain they have caused you,
      > and only you can allow/cause the pain to continue. Drop it!
      > It's like a heavy bag that you have been carrying around
      > needlessly. If something takes your peace away, and can't
      > "really" force itself on you, just leave it behind. Whenever
      > you witness yourself thinking about it/them, just change
      > your thoughts to those type thoughts/feelings that do bring
      > you peace. At the very least, do something silly or
      > frivolous, or anything that's upfull. It's much healthier
      > for you than beating a dead horse, which I think in this case
      > is a pretty accurate cliche. And the more you meditate, the
      > more and more you will be in the position to be able to
      > witness your thoughts as they arise and dissipate those that
      > cause you to suffer. I wish you well.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob Rose, President,
      > Mediatation Society of America
      Thanks so much for your reply. It's not so much a heavy bag as it
      is a sore that I perversely enjoy picking at. I intend to stop!
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