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  • prakki surya
    Divine Message of His Holiness Shri Datta Swami The spiritualism is the context in which you have to make efforts to reach God. Then, for what, our effort
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 23, 2006
      Divine Message of His Holiness Shri Datta Swami
      The spiritualism is the context in which you have to make efforts to reach God. 
      Then, for what, our effort should be made?  Our effort should be concentrated to achieve “Bhakthi” which is the love on God.  “Bhakthi” is achieved and is grown by the knowledge of God.  For example, you came to know that Bombay City exists.  This is the knowledge of existence of Bombay .  By this you want to see Bombay .  As you know the details of Bombay more and more, your desire to see the city becomes more and more.  Knowing details about the Bombay City is again the further knowledge.  So, knowledge is directly proportional to desire.  First Rukmini heard that there is Lord Krishna on this earth.  As she heard more and more about Lord Krishna from Sage Narada, her love on Krishna increased enormously.  Narada means he who gives knowledge.  Therefore, ‘Jnana”(knowledge) generates and develops “Bhakthi (devotion)”.  Due to Bhakthi, the Lord is attained.  Gita says the same ‘ONLY BY BHAKTHI I AM ATTAINED’ (‘Bhaktya………’).
      In the spiritual path all your effort must be concentrated in acquiring the knowledge of God day by day.  Once this knowledge based Bhakthi (devotion) is achieved, your qualities good or bad are immaterial.  Whatever may be the vessel, the drink in it is important.  The value paid in a hotel is for the drink only.  If you have taken a cup of coffee, you are paying the cost of the coffee only whether the cup is made of glass or metal.  Similarly, God gives value only for your Bhakthi and not for your quality.  I will give a beautiful example here.  “Sabari” is with good qualities and offered fruits to the Lord Rama who is Vishnu.  A hunter called “Kannappa” gave flesh to the Lord Siva.  Sabari reached the ‘World of Vishnu and Kannappa reached the World of Shiva”.  Both have reached the same Lord because Veda says, “Shiva is Narayana”.  Both of them have been given the similar value by the Lord because in both cases, the intensity of the devotion is the same as both gave even their food without eating.  Therefore, this proves clearly that the Lord has no objection for your bad qualities.  Hence, all the effort should be only to achieve and increase the intensity of love devotion or Bhakthi on God.  It is not necessary to bother about your qualities that are inherent coming from millions of births.  They are the born qualities.  The tail of the dog is curved.  Any effort cannot make it straight.  By force, we can keep it straight but it has not become straight.  Similarly you can control your bad qualities for not disturbing peace of the world by some force.  When you come to God, you come in your natural state because you can deceive the world showing that your banded tail is straight but not the God.  Whether the river comes in straight path or curved path, the ocean receives only the water with equality.  Similarly, God receives your love irrespective of your quality.  He received “Sabari” and ‘Kannappa” equally.  Sabari with good qualities and Kannappa with bad qualities reached the same Lord, as their devotion is of same intensity.
      A piece of gold is wrapped in an old cloth.  A stone is wrapped with a metallic foil.  Which has more total value?  Similarly, the love with high intensity covered even by a bad quality has more total value than the love with lesser intensity covered by a good quality.  When the blood flew from the eye of the Lord, the Priest who is a person with good qualities is trying to apply the medicine.  But, his devotion is less.  In the same situation, “Kannappa” plucked his eyes and donated to the Lord.  Kannappa is a person with bad qualities but his devotion is the highest.  Devotion is the highest good quality.  Now let us evaluate the total cost of the priest and Kannappa.  The devotion in Kannappa is +100.  The bad qualities in Kannappa are  –10.  The total cost is +90.  The priest with good qualities is +10.  The devotion in him is +20.  The total cost is +30.  So, of the two who is good? Obviously it is Kannappa.  Gita says, that, “Even the worst is best by Bhakthi” (Api chet….).
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        at the lotus feet of shri datta swami

      mlcanow <mlcanow@...> wrote:
      It has been said many times, that the present moment is what has to be lived. It is said that the past has passed and it only remains as memory, that the future does not yet exist and that it is always a projection.

      Many times it is said that the present moment has to be lived.This "has" thing is ridiculous. Why? Because, want it or not, this is in fact what happens all
      the time.

      The real thing is, that there are no individuals living the present moment.In this case of the present issue, the only thing there is is consciousness of the present moment…always present.

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