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Sri Karunamayi's New Year Message

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    Amma s 2006 New Year s Message Embodiments of Divine Souls, Amma s Most Beloved Children, I love you millions and millions of times, billions and billions of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2005
      Amma's 2006 New Year's Message

      Embodiments of Divine Souls, Amma's Most Beloved Children,

      I love you millions and millions of times, billions and
      billions of times, countless gazillions of times! I am
      sending my motherly love and affection to all of my children
      throughout the world for a bright and prosperous 2006.

      Children, in the year 2006, Amma wants to see all of her
      children living in the world with happiness and contentment.
      This contentment will not come from enjoyment of material
      pleasures—this is not our destiny. Our destiny is the
      attainment of Truth. In meditation alone are we able to
      experience brahmananda, supreme bliss. The experience of
      brahmananda fills us with paripurna shanti, absolute and
      complete peace. When we are established in brahmananda, we
      ourselves become liberated souls. So children, meditation
      is the only path that leads to akhanda ananda, the unending
      supreme and expansive bliss.

      Meditation is the ladder which connects you to the Divine.
      It gives you an inseparable connection with Supreme
      Consciousness. It fills you with peace and divine light,
      which then surrounds you wherever you go. So first of all,
      you must fill your own heart with peace. Regular meditation
      purifies you and grants paripurna shanti, perfect peace. And
      when you are established in the kingdom of peace, your heart
      becomes a temple for the Divine. So we need to seek true
      shanti, eternal peace, and this is to be found in meditation
      only. Every human being needs to become a peacemaker.

      So where does peace begin? Peace begins with the individual.
      A meditator who is content with his own inner Self, who does
      not criticize others, and who has control over his mind,
      thoughts and attitudes is at peace. Meditation destroys all
      misery and unhappiness and brings you everlasting peace and
      happiness. Peace is Truth; it is eternal. We need to be
      established in eternal peace.

      Shanti itself is life, and a life without peace is meaningless.
      No matter how much wealth we possess, no matter how much we
      earn, no matter how large and luxurious our homes are, no
      matter how many cars we own—none of these material possessions
      can give us shanti. So long as we are full of restlessness and
      commotion, so long as we are ruled by ahamkara, the ego, it is
      impossible for us to attain ananda. Ananda is that true and
      lasting happiness.

      Meditation heals the mind, purifies it and makes it silent.
      It is our thoughts which cause all our problems and
      difficulties in life. They lead us away from the path of
      dharma and spirituality. So long as we listen to the mind,
      we will always be separated from the path of peace and
      righteousness. Instead of listening to the mind, we must
      learn to listen to our heart, our inner Self.

      Liberation comes to us through meditation. We need
      liberation from our I-ness—this is our problem. This
      selfishness is not the problem of this birth alone. For
      innumerable lifetimes, we have been limiting ourselves to
      this little mortal frame, and this is our true problem. The
      body is just a dress for the soul, the supreme Self. Our
      Self is all-pervasive and divisionless; it is avinashi,
      eternal and indestructible power.

      So my dear children, meditate every day. Do not waste your
      time. Eat sattvic food and do not speak unnecessary words.
      Speak very little, and cultivate good friendships. Then you
      will progress on the spiritual path. My dear children, if
      you have an intense longing in your heart for oneness with
      the Supreme, you will surely attain it.

      May you all attain Self-Realization in this birth itself.
      May you always be in peace, prosperity and good health; may
      all your family members also be in peace, prosperity and
      good health. May the future be bright for all of you. May
      there always be peace in our beautiful world. I love you so
      much, children!

      Om shantih shantih shantihi

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