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[Meditation Society of America] Re: Identity mark of a growing cooperative consc

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  • jodyrrr
    ... This is a new development! You are actually talking to us rather than at us! The aim of discussion groups is to discuss. You present yourself as God on
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 30, 2005
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, prakki surya
      <dattapr2000@y...> wrote:
      > If the aim of joining in discussion forums is to fight,
      > then better join hands with such people and can continue
      > activities at such places.

      This is a new development! You are actually talking
      to us rather than at us!

      The aim of discussion groups is to discuss. You
      present yourself as God on Earth over and above
      the rest of us, so we discuss.

      > No trace of interest in pursuing truth and fighting
      > in different groups with different people without
      > any trace of inquisitiveness to learn.

      We are pursing truth. The truth is that you are no
      more God than my dog. Nobody is. What we are learning
      from you is that some people are locked into delusions
      so fixed that they can't see how utterly ridiculous
      they are looking to others.

      > everywhere make personal attack without any iota
      > of attack on concept and run from pillar to post.
      > surya

      Your whole concept is all about you. All you talk
      about are your delusions of grandeur. Of course you
      will see it as a personal attack. You are saying
      nothing except "I am the satguru and you must go
      only through me." You may as well be saying you
      are Jesus Christ. Oh wait.... You already did on
      your website with that picture depicting yourself
      as Christ:


      What more could be said about that?


      > jodyrrr <jodyrrr@y...> wrote:
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      > <jeff@m...> wrote:
      > [snip]
      > > I don't think that we can indisciminately
      > > discredit all who speak up with what
      > > I view as "courage" to speak to this
      > > awakening.
      > Nor do I.
      > However, a clear, discriminating intellect,
      > the tool of awakening, sometimes needs to
      > be employed for the sake of clarity.
      > In the case of Swami Datta, all he is offering
      > is his self-deluded status as God on Earth.
      > If awakening is to bring about further evolution
      > on the planet, we will need to evolve toward
      > a democratization of awakening rather than
      > a centralization of it in the hands of a few.
      > Datta claims only he can bring one to greater
      > understanding. This is clearly the work of an
      > ego looking to be aggrandized.
      > I admit I can be sharp about it. I suppose I
      > shouldn't take it personally. But if the Dattas
      > of the world come to represent what self-realization
      > is, there's not much hope for the sane folks
      > who don't buy into mythological nonsense these
      > false gurus so desperately cling to.
      > To truly make awakening available to everyone,
      > it must be divorced from the fantasy and fairy
      > tales which are stuck to it like barnacles.
      > Datta's contentions about himself are anathema
      > to clarity, in my opinion. He and those like him
      > need to be scraped off the side of the boat.
      > > There just may be a few
      > > good, well-intentioned gurus out there,
      > > Jodyji.
      > There's many. I've written about a few and I look
      > forward to writing about many more. But folks need
      > to know the difference between good and bad, so
      > showing them bad will hopefully help them to learn
      > to determine the good.
      > > Always in Love,
      > >
      > > Jeff
      > I appreciate the dialogue.
      > --jody.
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