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Re: Things To Ask Santa For

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  • mlcanow
    ... So many times we understand that what is is the environment that surrounds us, the feelings we have, the body we have inherited, the needs society and
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 25, 2005
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      > A wonderful thing that Santa could bring you
      > would be his bag, after it's been emptied
      > of all the material, emotional and mental
      > things it may have carried. You could then
      > put all your pain in it, and put it down, and
      > just observe your life as it is. This is very
      > much needed as we tend to carry around
      > thoughts that we rehash from past events, or
      > ones where we think about what might be in
      > the future, and almost 100% of them are
      > painful. All we've ever really needed was a
      > bag to put them in and to then put it down. This
      > way we not only don't have to carry the pain
      > around, we don't bring it near others.
      > And if we've been a really good girl or boy,
      > Santa may also give us a coin. We could then
      > just flip it to make all of our decisions,
      > and never again have to fry our little brains
      > wondering if we should do this or that or not
      > do that or this.
      > And perhaps the best gift we could get is to
      > be content with what is and be aware of IT.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      So many times we understand that "what is" is the environment that surrounds us, the
      feelings we have, the body we have inherited, the needs society and family place on us,
      our own needs, and all these things is what so many times is taken as what is. In this
      manner, there is no way in accepting, because all this things are mind and man made
      things. These are painful. How can these be accepted or can we be content about them?

      The main issue here is that What Is, is That which sustains all these other perceptions. To
      be aware of it, we need not to pay separate attention to the different issues, but to
      observe them in a non attached way, feel whatever they make us feel without judging
      neither the issue nor the feeling, and letting this feeling merge in What Is. Expanding the
      feeling, this feeling will be discovered to be not other thing that the very Feeling of Love in
      Us. Just not judging it, it will merge in What Is/Love. And this is what we are.

      Am I putting a Name on what can´t be accurately named?

      All the love in Jesus´s birthday,
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