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    Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 05:54:20 +0200 From: Yosy Flug Subject: Re: Re: Keep them coming / jews ... From: bondzai To:
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      Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 05:54:20 +0200
      From: Yosy Flug <yosyflug@...>
      Subject: Re: Re: Keep them coming / jews

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      From: bondzai
      To: Nasrudin@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2005 5:03 AM
      Subject: [Nasrudin] Re: Keep them coming

      yeah I am not sure how it is the Jews manage to keep themelves in
      their position ... maybe its the price of being the chosen people...
      the price for being so special....

      My brother converted to Judaism and I have nothing against them, but
      wonder how they nearly always manage to maintain a group of enemies
      around them. It might be something like because the childrend
      religions of Islam and Christianity which spawned from Judaism are
      also exclusivist and intolerant.

      my friend, this is a major question and
      would require a book to answer...

      anyway, in truth there is only one nation/race -
      the nation of humanity.
      and there is only one religion - religion of love.

      so, jews are not a race nor a religion.

      and as far as i am concerned, a jew is anyone
      who declares him/her self as one...

      jews are a function.
      one of the functions of the jews was introducing
      into the human community one single concept which
      enabled it to develop and progress - more then any
      other single concept/idea in history.
      a concept so important, that it fully justifies their
      existence, and for which the whole world should be grateful.
      very few jews realize what it is, though all are aware of
      its importance, and the ortodox jews guard it fanatically...

      paul amigo, anyone - do you have any idea what this concept is?


      I was looking for a quote from DeMello where he tells about the old
      Jew who asks God to choose someone else..... I couldn't find it but
      this was close:

      Jews really suffered for centuries, but the suffering has not
      changed them. In fact it has strengthened the idea that they are the
      chosen people of God.
      The same people who tell them, "You are the chosen people," also
      tell them that the chosen people have to go through many tests, many
      fires to prove their mettle. I have heard about an old rabbi -- he
      must have been a very sane man -- praying to God. He was praying for
      years and years and never asking for anything -- and you know, prayer
      is a kind of nagging: you go on nagging God every day, morning,
      afternoon, evening, night, five times every day. God must be getting
      tired, utterly bored....
      And the rabbi was not asking for anything; otherwise there was a
      way out. If he had been asking for something it would have been given
      and the rabbi would have been told, "Get lost!" But he was not asking
      for anything, just praying. Finally God asked him, "Why do you go on
      torturing me? What do you want?" And the old rabbi said, "Just one
      thing. Is it not time for you to choose some other people? Please,
      make some other people your chosen people. We have suffered enough!

      I guess thats the price for being special.

      :)) every child in this one and only human family of ours
      is bestowed, upon entering this world, with the hereditory
      title ssp&u*.

      thought only few remember and use it....


      * ssp&u - someone special, precious and unique


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