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New slant on the Fatima Apparitions

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    From an email we received: Dear Friend, I think that you might find the following information about well known Fatima Apparitions, Portugal 1917 interesting.
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      From an email we received:

      Dear Friend,
      I think that you might find the following
      information about well known Fatima Apparitions,
      Portugal 1917 interesting.
      Thank you for distributing it, and for any comments
      that you may wish to offer.

      Best regards,
      Joaquim Fernandes, Ph.D

      New History Reveals the Truth About the Fátima Incident

      VICTORIA, BC – The Fátima incident was an important
      event in the history of religion. In 1917, three little
      Portuguese shepherds – Jacinta, Francisco, and
      Lúcia – suddenly encountered the Virgin Mary, illuminated
      in the splendor of heavenly lights, who told the children
      three secrets about the fate of the Earth. The contacts
      were followed by an unexplained aerial phenomenon, called
      "The Miracle of the Sun," in which the Sun was seen to
      dance in the sky by thousands of awestruck onlookers who
      flocked to Fátima.

      The apparitions were presumed to be a case of divine
      intervention in human affairs, a sign from Heaven that the
      world war then raging in Europe should end. A shrine sprang
      up at Fátima that drew millions of believers, and a myth was
      invented that the secrets of Fátima would be revealed in the
      fullness of time – as a testament of faith in a secular age.

      In Heavenly Lights (EcceNova Editions; July 2, 2005; $22.95),
      Portuguese historians Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d' Armada
      tell the true story of the apparitions of Fátima. The first
      history of Fátima to be written by Portuguese historians
      based on the true original documents, Heavenly Lights is the
      result of a 25-year odyssey by the authors in search of the
      actual facts of the Fátima case. Fernandes and d' Armada began
      their investigation in 1978, when they were given access to
      secret archives held at the Sanctuary of Fátima.

      The records of Sister Lúcia, kept at the archives since the
      incident, revealed that the children did not interact with an
      apparition of the Virgin Mary but with a kind of hologram of
      an unidentified source projected through a beam of light from
      the sky above them. The archives clearly showed that the
      entities encountered at Fátima were not deities from Heaven
      but rather multidimensional beings from "elsewhere" in the
      vast Cosmos. This finding was supported by hundreds of other
      facts from the time of the apparitions. Fátima, the authors
      discovered, was the first major UFO-like case of the 20th
      century. It contains in anticipation all the phenomenological
      features of the modern aerial events and also the physical,
      psychological and spiritual patterns of the contemporary
      "contactee syndrome" as an altered state of consciousness.

      Heavenly Lights is certain to become a definitive history
      of the Fátima Incident of 1917. When it was first published
      in Portugal in 1995, entitled As Aparições de Fátima e o
      Fenómeno OVNI, the Jornal de Notícias, a leading Portuguese
      newspaper, heralded the work "a literary success without
      precedent in the field of Portuguese ufological studies."

      Now the whole world can know the truth about the apparitions
      of Fátima. This new translation by American journalists
      Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson offers a powerful
      argument for both historians, anthropologist, cosmologist and
      "ET" researchers and religious scholars alike to re-examine
      the actual evidence that at last explains the enduring mystery
      of the Fátima incident.

      About the Authors

      Joaquim Fernandes, Ph.D, is Professor of History at the
      University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal. He directs
      the Multicultural Apparitions Research International Academic
      Network (Project MARIAN). His research interests include the
      history of science and the comparative anthropology of
      religion, with an emphasis on anomalistic phenomena.

      Fina d' Armada holds a Master's degree in Women's Studies.
      She has written five books about the Fátima incident, all
      based on original documents held in the archives – three
      co-authored with Fernandes – and hundreds of articles. Her
      research interests include phenomenology, local history, the
      history of women, and the era of Portuguese discovery.

      About the Book

      Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fátima and the UFO

      By Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d' Armada

      Translated and Edited by Andrew D. Basiago and
      Eva M. Thompson

      Foreword by Jacques F. Vallée

      EcceNova Editions
      Publication Date: July 2, 2005
      Price: US $22.95, CAD $30.95, £14.99
      ISBN: 0-9735341-3-3
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