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Sleep, Meditation & Future Learning

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  • Tony Osime2
    Hi Janine, Thanks for your reply and apologies for a late response. I was so disappointed when you decided to end your post as I was hoping to read more. I
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 28, 2005
      Hi Janine,

      Thanks for your reply and apologies for a late response.

      I was so disappointed when you decided to end your post as I was hoping to
      read more. I find your practice fascinating.

      I was intrigued with your observation that when you read your dream logs you
      "see" the future. This is my understanding of how we create the future. If
      we could remember all our dreams and understand them on a deeper level than
      just the scenes created in the dream, I believe we would see the patterns
      that would show us our future.

      The key, I believe, is not to try to predict the future but to accept it -
      regardless of whatever is happening. My sense is that it is the resistance
      to things as they happen day to day that delays the inner transforming

      As I dream, I get a sense for when things resolve and when they don't. When
      they don't resolve, I know that the "scene" will repeat itself, very often
      with new incidences that happened more recently. The awareness for me is
      that I "created" these new incidences at the time I did not resolve it while
      dreaming. When these new incidences happen in real life, I need an attitude
      that allows the incidence to "register" with me. Resistance, denial, anger
      without the underlying awareness of what is happening simply delays the
      "inner" resolution.

      I hope I am making sense here since it is hard to put this into words. When
      something happens to us, we are free to respond in any way we feel is best.
      However, there is an inner transformation taking place that we need to
      understand and help process so that we can advance "spiritually". If we can
      observe this "inner" process, we can choose a better outer response to help
      the "inner" process. Meditation helps you see this "inner" process.

      Would anyone like to comment on this?

      Tony Osime
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      asking me first.


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      Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 18:22:27 -0800 (PST)
      From: Janine Cortese <janineerrn@...>
      Subject: Re: Re: Sleep, Meditation & Future Learning

      Hi Tony,

      This is a really interesting topic and experience.

      Sleep itself is amazing. I agree with the process sort
      of being like a defrag. I found that an important
      aspect of growing spiritually is to control as much as
      the imput as possible. Al things the senses take in,
      positive and negative energy. I try really hard to
      make my environment as pleasant and positive as I can.
      It was hard to change my perception and start looking
      for the good in a bad situation, but it happened and
      it changed me.

      Its important to stay grounded to Earth. A lot of
      people who are feeling this pull we all have are
      getting a little obsessed, in my opinion, no offense
      anyone, with the astral plane, psychic abilites, and
      contacting the dead. We are here on earth for a
      reason, our focus should be on our impact on Earth-
      people, nature, energy-

      I do a chakra meditation every morning and every
      evening. I go through my Chakras backward at night so
      I can open my crown chakra first and end with
      grounding myself to earth.

      I found that this meditation as I drift off to sleep
      has helped the process of my dreaming. I also keep a
      dream log, when you look back over yeaars of dream
      logs you can see the future. So, I think your right in
      a lot of what your saying.

      Ill stop yacking now.

      Peace All
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