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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Essence Of Jesus Preaching --- Real Saving

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Thank you, Surya, for the insightful and enlightened teaching. Nice take on real salvation. Agreed, that it is only when one is graced with the knowledge of
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 7, 2005
      Thank you, Surya, for the insightful
      and enlightened teaching. Nice take
      on "real" salvation. Agreed, that it
      is only when one is graced with the
      knowledge of the essence of Jesus'
      teachings, and has come to know, through
      direct experience, the Truth that
      sets you free, that they are "saved".

      Mere ritual or parroting of words,
      without the unlying change and the
      "resurrection" of the new (enlightened)
      person, does not bring salvation.

      And, yes, trying to live by prescription
      and impossible standards, as it taught
      by the fundamentalists churces, is a
      twist on the teachings of Jesus. His
      description of how enlightened persons
      live, and the joy and understanding
      that they have, has been turned upside
      down into a prescription.

      Well, I'll stop here before I take
      the next step up on the soapbox, except
      to say that meditation, especially
      meditation that has been marinated
      in "essential oils" (authentic teachings)
      for a time, can open the door to
      the aromatic experience of the
      essence of Jesus' teachings...and
      bring us into Christ, Krishna,
      Cosmic Consciousness - Real Saving.


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, prakki surya
      <dattapr2000@y...> wrote:
      > Essence Of Jesus Preaching --- Real Saving
      > Merely by accepting the human incarnation (Jesus) as Saviour
      cannot save you. It is told in the Bible that He came to save His
      people. Who are His people? They are His beloved devotees. They
      follow His instructions. Jesus did not give attention even to see
      His mother, when He was with His disciples. When a woman shouted
      that the Mother of Jesus was blessed, Jesus did not agree and told
      that blessed are those who followed His instructions. He says that
      one should leave parents, wife or husband, children and must be
      prepared even to carry on his own cross for the sake of Jesus. This
      means that one should be prepared to sacrifice even his life.
      Therefore, it is a narrow path with thorns. Even to hear this
      statement your mind is turmoiled with chaotic disturbance. That is
      the reason why He says that He has come to give peace to you and
      that He is holding the sword of knowledge in His hand. Therefore,
      you can be saved only when you reach that state.
      > If you say to the Judge that you accept him as your saviour, will
      he save you and cancel his judgement? If you say to the jailor that
      you will accept him as your saviour, will he relieve you from the
      jail? Therefore, He saves only His dearest devotees. He underwent,
      the suffering of His people only on the Cross. He did not suffer for
      the sake of all the people and released all the people from their
      sins. If such thing is done the justice is destroyed. The
      administration becomes meaningless. When a devotee leaves everybody
      and everything for the sake of such human incarnation and
      participates in His service, such people are called as His people.
      Such devotees will never agree for the crucification of the Lord for
      their sake. Therefore, real saving is only at that stage.
      > Whether, it is Christianity or Hinduism the beginner cannot come
      forward if the final stage is shown. In Hinduism the saints and in
      Christianity, the Popes, fathers, brother and sisters who are
      dedicated to the Mission have left everything and everybody for the
      sake of God. Actually such Holy saints only can be saved since they
      stand according to His standards prescribed. But if this fact is
      revealed no common man will come forward. It is the tradition of the
      divine preacher to show the final result even in the first step. We
      say to the schoolboy that if he goes to the school regularly and
      studies sincerely, he will become the professor.
      > It is only encouragement. Does that mean that the boy will be
      appointed as professor as soon as he finishes the schooling? He gets
      encouraged and studies well in the school. Then he will go to
      college and university and study further, then he will join as a
      lecturer, become reader and then finally become the professor.
      Therefore, to attract the beginners such encouraging statements are
      made, which need not be condemned as lies. When a lie does well,
      such a lie cannot be the sin. Even if it is truth, if it harms it is
      a sin. We tell so many lies to our children to encourage them and
      our aim is only their welfare and not cheating them. Therefore, such
      statements should be accepted with reference to the level of the
      > at the lotus feet of shri datta swami
      > surya
      > http://www.universal-spirituality.org
      > Jeff Belyea <jeff@m...> wrote:Hey, Peace Bob. Agreed that wealth
      > and great success do not have to be
      > a hindrance. If material success
      > and such, and that even combined
      > with the HH brand of high-intimacy
      > success with superwomen (he still has
      > 3 sleep-over girlfriends at age 77)
      > were ultimately satisfying, Brady
      > would not be feeling the
      > "something missing."
      > Even though Jesus said something
      > like it is harder for a rich man
      > to enter the Kingdom of Heaven
      > (which he specified as "within")
      > than it is for Donovan McNabb to
      > thread the needle (with bad ribs -
      > not he meal, the bruises), he
      > didn't say it was impossible.
      > It speaks to Brady's humility
      > that he still seeks fulfillment
      > and speaks about it.
      > I haven't given up on the Pats.
      > They're still my default team,
      > after the Bucs. But the Colts
      > could give them another jolt...
      > maybe.
      > Jeff
      > ---------------------------------
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    • medit8ionsociety
      ... Yo Sri Bruceji, I agree that the Mannings are bringing trials and tribulations to all in their way. Eli has apparently fulfilled all the ancient prophecies
      Message 2 of 7 , Nov 7, 2005
        > >Bob
        > >PS: I think the whole Eagle team will now be able
        > >to appreciate the value of (TO's forced) silence.
        > >

        > Bruce Morgen <editor@j...> wrote:
        > Unfortunately, the improved
        > ambience wasn't quite enough
        > for Bob's beloved Birds to
        > overcome a Joe Gibbs coached
        > team determined to redeem
        > themselves after getting
        > drubbed by my G-Men. I
        > really wanted the Iggles to
        > be the resurgent squad --
        > but alas it looks like the
        > great coaching and key
        > personnel upgrades in the
        > rest of the NFC East have
        > brought back the league's
        > cherished "parity" to its
        > toughest regional
        > foursome.
        > If it's any comfort, Bob, I
        > suspect the Pats are due
        > for their own dose of
        > "parity" tomorrow night,
        > since the Colts now have a
        > credible NFL defense and
        > even a Bruschi-equipped New
        > England D is still too
        > banged-up to contain that
        > other Manning brother on
        > anything close to a good
        > day/evening. Let the
        > games continue!
        Yo Sri Bruceji,
        I agree that the Mannings are bringing
        trials and tribulations to all in their way.
        Eli has apparently fulfilled all the ancient
        prophecies and is bringing about a new era
        in the NFC. Now I feel I must answer a few
        Footballism non-believers who have sent me
        emails called me to ask what is up with the
        football references. So.....
        In classic meditation tradition, there are
        only 3 types of actions:
        1. Tamasic - characterized by sloth, darkness,
        even evil...doing things by rote, unawake,
        unaware, selfish.
        2. Rajasic - dealing with chasing after
        selfish desires and ego trips. Still in
        darkness, but at least having some activity.
        3. Sattvasic - the opposite of Tamas/Rajas -
        in light, aware, awake, kind, selfless,
        serene, etc.
        Most always, we live among a mix of Tamas/Rajas,
        or Rajas/Sattva. The meditative "deal" with
        this is to witness your thoughts, words, and
        actions (and those in your environment IE people,
        places, and things), and if you see yourself
        being in any way Tamasic, at least kick it up to
        Rajas, and strive always for Sattva. The more you
        eliminate the Tamas and Rajas in your life, and
        the more you add Sattva to your life, the greater
        the spiritual evolution. And the religion of
        Footballism, which has millions of followers in
        America, presents an ongoing opportunity to
        witness your inner reactivity Tamasically and
        Rajasically more often than perhaps any other
        religion, and thus the potential to change them to
        Sattvaic energy gathering events. So, (Ashley,
        Nina, Tom, John, and all other) non-believers,
        you go about your quest for enlightenment in your
        own way, and we will continue to worship and
        use the tools of Footballism to evolve in ours.
        I encourage you to come to the Linc in Philly or
        Giants stadium or any of the other temples of
        Sunday (and Monday night) worship to partake of the
        holy activities and learn first hand what Sattva
        a feeling being at one with a higher power (60,000+
        fans rooting for the home team) can be.
        Peace and blessings,
        PS: Don't even think about wearing the opposing teams
        jersey while at either of the temples (stadiums)
        mentioned above:-)
        PPS: I hope you will take this in the
        semi/hardly-serious Sattvaic way it was intended.
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